Your Summer Entertaining Checklist

Pat yourself on the back: it’s been hard, but you made it – you survived winter once again! After the rough season, there’s only 1 thing on our minds: SUMMER. While we can’t jump in the lake, camp out under the stars or head to the gelato shop on our bikes just yet, we’ve started thinking about get-togethers on the patio, which we plan on having until way past Labour Day. To get ready, we’re introducing you to the hot new outdoor trends of the season. Plus, a handy checklist awaits to make sure you have everything ready for company!

So, what’s in this summer?

    • For a high-end metropolitan look, punchy red has our vote. It will go a long way when paired with jet black (timeless combo). Add a little natural element, like rope or bamboo, to soften it up and bam! You’ve got yourself a sophisticated outdoor space, perfect for late-night dishing sessions. Shop the trend.
    • For a fresh twist on the nautical cottage look, we’re all about the marriage between bright yellow & cool greys. Energizing and cheerful, while nowhere near juvenile, this look is achieved by adding a few bright accents, grounded by grey, black, galvanized metals and rope. Fun summer memories guaranteed. Shop the trend.
    • To truly get your zen on, we recommend juxtaposing various blues to crisp whites and calming greys. Inspired by shibori, a Japanese dyeing practice, indigos take on interesting patterns, adding visual interest to any pool party. Pair your hues with driftwood and concrete to round out the look.  Shop the trend.


Found your aesthetic?

Now make sure you have everything you need to host a soirée to remember:

Affordable water repellent deco pillows and chair pads

  • You know the panic that takes over when the sky looks menacing and you have to run out to grab the cushions? Time to forget about that sad part of your life and upgrade to water repellent deco pillows – you have enough stuff to think about already. Pick up a few in a variety of colours and finally leave them where they belong!

Cute napkins

  • Because your guests deserve better than paper towels folded in half. Plus, at that price (we’re talking 5 packs for $10!), you’ll put colour on the table and will have great conversation starters (what napkin did you get? Oh, what a fun saying on yours!).

Serving trays

  • To easily bring everything from the kitchen to the patio because there’s only so many times you can scream “Hun, can you bring me…” through the screen door in an evening.

Lanterns / candle holders

  • You need to burn your citronella, but you need to finally be able to do it in style! Pop a few mosquito repellent candles in lanterns to avoid bites and provide mood lighting.

Tray tables

  • You might not know it yet, but tray tables will be your new summer BFF. Fold them out to instantly produce more eating space. They’ll keep the patio neater during large family gatherings, will be perfect by the pool or in the garden and will even be handy dandy when you move them inside – instant side tables!


  • What will you grow out there this summer? No matter the answer, your planters need to look stylish and be durable – bonus if you can take them inside at the end of the season to keep appreciating the fruits (or veggies!) of your labour. Don’t have a green thumb? Artificial greenery in cute pots, that looks just like the real thing, will give you the same look, with more time to spend on your suntan.


What trend do you have your eye on? Are there more summer essentials you need before you start hosting? Let us know in the comments!

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