Yes, You Need a Moving Budget

You already know that moving can be an expensive process, but let’s try to avoid bad surprises. Taking the following costs into account will make sure financial stress doesn’t invite itself into your new home.



  • Moving company fee/rental truck fee + kms

How far away is your new home? Calculate the mileage fees ahead of time and add them to the regular fees.


  • Insurance

Whether you’re renting a truck or hiring movers, you may want to add insurance just in case. Look into your options ahead of time to be able to estimate cost.


  • Packing supplies/professional packers

Are you going the boxes, tape and bubble wrap route, the reusable moving boxes rental route, or hiring professional packers? Make sure you choose a solution you can actually afford.


  • Storage costs

Downsizing and need to put some things in storage? Or have to move out of your current home a few days before moving into your new one? Storage solutions are abundant, but do a thorough research to find the one that best suits your needs.


  • Deposits

Your movers might ask for a deposit in order to reserve your spot. Be prepared!


  • Cleaning costs 

If you’re getting professional cleaners to work their magic on your old place or on your new home, add those costs to your moving budget.


  • Food/drinks for the first day

Ordering pizza or getting a fancy bottle of wine to celebrate? Add it in! There’s nothing wrong with budgeting for a little fun.


  • Time off work

Your move could have an impact on the money you bring in that week or that month, especially if you take a little time off to get everything sorted out. No one’s ever too prepared!


  • Child/pet care

Will the kids need a babysitter? Putting your dog in a kennel for a couple days? You know what we’re going to say… Add it in!


  • New furniture/appliances

Yes, shopping is fun. But don’t go too crazy! While treating yourself is nice, make sure you can actually afford the new furniture and appliances you buy. (And, hey, we know just the place for affordable furniture…)


  • Utility set-up fees

Cable, internet, electricity and more! While you arrange for all your services to be cut off from your old place and started at your new home a few weeks before the move, add up all the costs.



Keep in mind, budgeting doesn’t have to be a drag. After all, you’re saving yourself from headaches and stress, and that’s fantastic!



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