Yes, You Can Live Large In A Small Space

Make the most of your square footage with the right pieces!





In this modern Marie Kondo era, many of us have already analyzed what possessions spark joy in our lives, thanking the ones that have served their purpose before passing them on to our favourite charitable organizations.


But with this simplicity-oriented mindset comes a step much harder to take: ensuring that our homes are filled with the right things.


If you’ve gone through your belongings in hopes of a more uncluttered day-to-day, you’ve probably spent most of your time focusing on common objects, aka komono. But here’s a game-changing question for you: have you even considered your furniture?


Common objects easily cram a space, and we can do without a lot of them. Furniture, however, has its own way of filling a home. Let’s face it; without it, we’re pretty much just camping indoors! So take a moment to really reflect on the furniture in your abode and ask yourself if it maximizes the amount of square footage you have. This is an especially important step for apartment dwellers or small condo owners. Yes, you can live large in a small space. You just need smart accents that work hard for you in more ways than one.


Only select multipurpose items



Just a sweet console table? Think again! Move its handy tray, pull up a seat, place your laptop, and get to work on your super cool desk!


This piece of furniture works especially well in a small space thanks to its clear glass, giving it a barely-there look, and its extra shelf, perfect to display your gorgeous coffee table books or store your laptop and other work essentials during down time.


Let’s practice your small-space thinking: what would you use this adorable faux fur ottoman for?



5… 4… 3… 2… 1…


If you said as a footrest, an extra seat and an office chair, congratulations! You’re well on your way to purposeful tiny living.



Make sure the practical pieces you select are to scale, avoiding big and clunky furniture despite how useful it might be. The unsung hero in any limited-square-footage home? A C table! This small side table, with its C-shaped base, is as great a snack caddy as it is a tiny workstation. Thanks to its ingenious shape, its base tucks right under any seat, maximizing your space. No wonder it’s so popular!



Speaking of tucking under, nesting furniture is always a good idea. Use the open base of a coffee table to store neatly-organized storage baskets or an extra ottoman which you’ll pull out when hosting friends.


Think about decluttering


When decluttering, ensure that everything has a designated spot. That’s where hidden storage comes in!



Books, shoes, throws and sentimental items you don’t want in full view can be comfortably placed inside of a roomy storage bench. The best part? Your super practical storage solution also doubles as a cozy seat!



Just try to get that with a regular bookshelf!


Don’t forget the walls!


Your floor space is precious, so think about the things you can keep off the floor by hanging them. Be bold and think outside the box.



Ever thought about decorating your wall hooks? Small spaces require creative thinking! Cardigans, throws and lantern candle holders will look adorable on a stylish set of hooks! They’ll be out of the way, but always close by when you need them. Hooks can easily replace bulky wardrobes – just remember to keep them neat for that intentional look.



Did you know mirrors are a small space’s best friend? Decorating is all about visual manipulation and, because mirrors bounce natural light around, they give an airy feel to any room. For maximum impact, place yours right across from a window. You’ll give it that much more light to reflect and – bonus – you’ll also get to enjoy double the view. The mirrors you choose should have large reflective surfaces, so forgo mirrors with large, dominating frames since they don’t reflect as much light.



Along with mirrors, wall statements in a small space should be BIG. This might sound counterintuitive, but petite wall decor can make pint-sized living quarters seem cluttered. Take the opportunity to do something out of the ordinary, by placing funky molding on a feature wall, by selecting an XL canvas, or by recreating one of the ideas here.



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