What’s your Thanksgiving table decor style?

Style and simplicity unite for the perfect holiday.



Can you believe it’s already Thanksgiving? It catches us by surprise every year!


You’ve now decided what you are making and you’ve learned my 7 simple secrets to rock Thanksgiving, but there’s one final thing to think about before the guests arrive: how will you set the table?

Yes, you can go all out with gourds, fake leaves and a full-on fall colour palette, but guess what? You don’t have to!

I’ve pulled a few classic styles you can adopt for the big feast, featuring elements you probably already have at home. Hosting Thanksgiving is already hard enough, so do yourself a favour and keep it simple.


The Look: Black and white

Name a more iconic duo, I’ll wait. OK, OK, turkey and stuffing are a great one too, but black and white is pretty much the most classic combination of all time. With this look, less is totally more. Here, we used a stunning black wood dining table which really sets the tone, but fear not! A wooden, white or glass top will 100% do the trick. We outfitted it with white dishes, which you might already own, off-white fabric napkins and clear wine glasses. We chose to forego the tablecloth to be able to bask in our table’s full glory as well as to make cleanup easier. We then set the mood with a candle in a geometric metal wire holder. If you copy this look, make sure to brighten it with a pop of colour somewhere, which we did by placing a branch of greenery in a cool striped black and white vase.


The Look: Farmhouse Chic

Hosting for Thanksgiving is not about being fancy, it’s about being together. Love country chic decor and live for #farmhousestyle on Instagram? Recreate the look by using plaid! Here, we used the ultimate farmhouse pop of colour, red, but go ahead and select your fave. Just make sure to pair your colourful plaid with a solid of the same hue. Black and white really anchor this look, ensuring it’s not overly colourful and still reads elegant. We served our bread on a slate serving tray, a super chic natural material, our liquids in adorable ceramic bottles with cork tops (no spills!) and opted for metal in our utensil caddy, chairs and lighting fixture.


The Look: Scandinavian

Can’t get enough of white? Me either! It’s the perfect canvas for everything when it comes to decorating, and it’s also true when setting the table. For this one, we truly celebrated the modern Scandinavian look by only opting for light hues and natural materials, starting by covering our table with a classic tablecloth. Wood plays a big part here, in both our trivet (which could be used all around the table as placemats for a more rustic take), our coasters and all of our serving utensils. To keep the white from looking too sterile, we opted for a light teal on jars and placemats. Even when it’s not bright, a pop of colour can really make all of the difference. Finish off the look with clear glassware and barely-there white vases, especially striking when paired with vibrant, trendy eucalyptus leaves.


The Look: Minimalistic Flowery Perfection

Another great option for people who just adore white, but prefer to leave the table uncovered. We infused more white here by using marble serving plates plus white dishes and placemats. The star of the show on this table is, hands down, the flowers. Just because it’s not spring doesn’t mean you’re not allowed to visit the florist! If you’d like to embrace seasonal hues, opt for warm oranges and reds, but see what calls your name. There is nothing wrong with choosing blooms that make us feel like we just skipped all of winter! Inspired at the flower shop? DIY a floral centerpiece!



Have you chosen your Thanksgiving table-setting style?

We can’t wait to see how you decorate + all of the delicious food you’ll be cooking up.

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