Welcome to Pézie Beaudin’s New Bedroom

We’re talking design with the star of Quebec reality show Occupation Double Grèce.




The interior designer, whom we witnessed looking for love on the beloved Quebec reality TV show Occupation Double, has recently partnered with Bouclair to give her bedroom a quick and easy makeover.


I sat down with her to talk about decorating, as well as her career as an interior designer – you might want to take notes!


What’s the vibe you wanted to create in your bedroom?

As a designer, I’m always in the know when it comes to new trends. There are so many beautiful objects, and so many styles that speak to me, that I sometimes find it more difficult to make a choice for myself than for a client! I’m a fan of the glamourous style, incorporating velvet, but I also liked the idea of a more natural look, with accents of linen and straw. I really tried to marry both aesthetics in order to achieve a tranquil yet super chic vibe.


How did you become an interior designer?

I’ve loved design for a long, long time! As a kid, I used to sketch my clothes and would redecorate my bedroom every month. After graduating high school, I felt a little young for a career in interior design. As a designer, you do well if you’re good, but it can be quite the challenge. I was scared and ended up doing something else.


I finished a degree before starting a Human Resources Management Masters. When I officially finished university, I realized I had to do what I was passionate about. I went back to school, attending an interior design program, and then, I dove right in! University gave me the confidence to tell myself that everything is possible and that I had to live my dream.


What’s at the heart of any design project?

The most important thing is to feel good. The design of a room always has to resemble who you are. It has to align with you so much as a person, things being so well chosen for you should make you forget the design part altogether.


And how do you achieve such a cohesive design?

Start with something that represents you and that you really love, whether it be a duvet cover, a pillow or a lamp. Make it your starting point and then find things that go beautifully with it, taking into consideration style and colours. It’s the easiest method – a must-have item around which you build a room. It can be really easy to get lost otherwise.



What’s the must-have item you designed your bedroom around?

I would say the duvet cover, it really unites both styles. It has a linen look, a more organic fabric, and is blush, making it more glam. I made sure everything went with it to really get that homogenous result.


We often shop by style – how do you successfully merge 2?

You need to be careful with the elements you choose to include. Here, I only went with velvet and warm shades for the glam side of things, and avoided adding sparkles or crystals. You can’t explore a certain style too deeply if you’re planning on mixing it with another one. It’s important to only skim the surface, to choose similar colours, and to play with texture.


I love your macramé hangers! Were they a DIY project?

Yes, they’re so easy to make! They’re made of 6 strings each, you just have to knot them in the right spots. I’m so happy with the results!



Do you have a design motto?

It might sound a little sappy, but it always starts with mutual respect. And as much a respect towards the clients as towards the designer. As a designer, you have to understand your customers, not try to change them, if you want gorgeous results that everyone’s happy with.



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And stay tuned, Pézie will soon show us her outdoor space, also in partnership with Bouclair!

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