Valentine’s Day: Gifts under $20 for your sweethearts

Small gifts, big gesture.



Whether you’re in a relationship or not, you’ve probably heard of a little holiday that’s right around the corner: Valentine’s Day.


Love it or hate it, one thing is for sure: you’re bound to see it eveeeerywhere you go. So why not give in and celebrate someone who means a lot to you?

With the arrival of “Galentine’s Day” on the scene – a new holiday where friends get together to celebrate each other, made famous by sitcom “Parks & Recreation” and occurring on February 13th – it’s easy to participate in the celebration once reserved exclusively to couples in serious relationships.

So go ahead and show the ones you love how much you care about them this Valentine’s Day, or Galentine’s Day. Your partner, your best friend, your coworker, your neighbour – they’re all worth celebrating!

Not sure where to start? We recommend little somethings under $20 on this highly-commercial holiday Turns out you don’t need to spend a lot of money to gift the ones you love with something extremely meaningful.

Move over heart-shaped chocolate boxes, these are our top 10 Valentine’s Day gifts under $20!


  1. A picture frame


Life is all about making memories with the people we love and it’s important to revisit the loveliest ones! Put your favourite picture of you two in a stunning frame – gorgeous, sentimental decor is always in!


  1. The “Message in a bottle” vase

Cards are great and all, but bottle vases are better! Gift your loved one this glass bottle and make sure to leave a super sweet note inside, telling them how much your appreciate everything they do for you. They’ll probably want to save your amazing message and will be able to reuse the bottle as a decorative accent or as a flower vase!


  1. Wooden words

With typography being so popular these days, it’s easy to find meaningful decorative words like these that will look super stylish on any side table, mantel or windowsill. Who doesn’t want to think of their favourites when looking around their home?


  1. (Faux) Flowers in a jar

Yes, real flowers are gorgeous, but they fade so fast! Since you probably know the huge bummer that is throwing out a stunning bouquet after only a few days, I’m sure you’ll want to spare the suffering to your loved ones. The solution? A super realistic faux bouquet. And this faux hydrangea one is already placed in a jar to eliminate any kind of upper-cabinets search party!


  1. An artificial bouquet

If you’re looking for a more custom faux bloom option, pick up a bouquet like this one, or build your own using the single stems in our marketplace.


  1. …And get a vase to put it in

Because they’re as pretty as they are useful, and can be displayed empty or filled, vases are items you can never truly have too many of. A striking yet neutral pick like this one is a good option. It’s so beautiful, it’s unlikely to find itself at the back of a cabinet!


  1. A heart-shaped ornament

A heart may seem like a boring or clichéd option, but not when it’s made of decadent mango wood! Perfect on top of their desk, it’ll be a constant reminder of your love for them.


  1. An elephant

Decorative elephants are interesting beasts. Gifting an elephant to someone you love is said to bring them good luck and the animal represents all sort of great things, from wisdom to strength.


  1. A mini garden

Taking care of live plants is so hard and the winter is so incredibly long, hence why creating a small garden for a loved one with the help of faux greenery is such a great idea!


  1. A candle

Give the gift of relaxation to the one who lights a fire inside your heart. This one, with its three wicks, will burn super bright, just like your love.




Still looking for a present for the most important person of all? (That’s you!)

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