Unveiling our Colour of the Year: Seafoam Green

Find out how to incorporate this trendy hue to your decor, from the living room to the bathroom.

Here’s a secret: we have a crush. A huge one, actually. The object of our affection? Our colour of the year: seafoam green.

It all started innocently. We began seeing it on Pinterest and on our favourite design blogs and, before we knew it, we were hooked. Now it’s keeping us up at night with all sorts of great decorating ideas, from the living room to the bathroom, the bedroom, the kitchen and anywhere else that may need a refresh. We want it everywhere, all the time! But can you blame us? If you’re also crushing, here’s how to get the look all to yourself:


In the living room:

We love changing our living room accent colour whenever we feel like it. With a neutral decor, switching up small accents is a breeze – making it easy to elect a featured colour of the month or of the season. To show off a new hue, try switching up your trusty sofa throw (you probably like to have a few around anyway, right?) and your throw pillows. Next, place your florals in a new vase and replace the artwork hanging over the couch. Feel the fresh ocean air already?


In the bathroom:

If you’re anything like us, you love a nice bubble bath and can’t imagine taking one without a few candles to set the mood. Whether they’re in cute holders or on handsome pillars, they’ll give you amazing mood lighting and will have you relaxing in a flash. Keep the luxury going by drying yourself off with a fresh towel. Now you and your decor are both reinvigorated!


In the kitchen:

For many of us, the kitchen is more about function than fashion. Sure, the cabinets look amazing, the countertop is spotless, but that old baking sheet your mom gave you 8 years ago is still fine, right? And who really needs new placemats? You do. Giving your kitchen essentials a little makeover makes for happier mealtimes, we swear. Cute tins to put your staples in, tropical placemats, a new table runner for special occasions (although we know the one your grandma made is nice. Don’t throw it out, just put it away for now and take it out once in a while – that way, you’ll be able to truly appreciate its beauty) and adorable coasters will put a smile on your face, even when you’re thinking “Now what do we make for dinner?”. We wish we could help with that too.


Bonus: Now you choose!

If you’ve read our blog before, you might know our fave room refresh tip: updating your curtains! If your life hasn’t been changed by this simple switch yet, get ready to be amazed. We still can’t get over the impact new curtain panels make – they are the secret ingredient to instantly changing the entire vibe of any room. Lucky for you, seafoam green blackout, room darkening and sheer styles are available to give your space a mini facelift. What area of the house will you choose? Will it be the den? The playroom? The bedroom? The basement? The possibilities are endless!


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