Try the Trend: Tribal

Coming back from a vacation is so bittersweet: On one hand, you’re happy to be home, back in the comfort of your own bed, but on the other, it means back to the routine and (yuck) work. But what if your place felt like a 5-star resort located in the most coveted exotic destination? How to get that feeling at home? Try the tribal trend. By combining textile art (we <3 macramé), a bright hue (orange FTW), interesting motifs, natural wood (live-edge furniture is all the rage), cement and silver, you’ll get that luxurious travel nomad feel every time you come home, whether it’s from the pharmacy or from a week-long getaway.


Textile Art

Macramé is back in style and it was about time! The textile art of choice in the ‘70s, this knotting technique originated in the 13th century and has been practiced all over the world since. When it comes to adding texture to your space, subtle macramé is a no-brainer in deco pillow form. In subdued shades, it will add visual interest and will be easy to combine with various patterns and vivid colours. For an unsuspected twist, framed textile art will be a beautiful addition to a gallery wall and will look like a treasure brought back from a place far, far away.



To decorate a room, interior designers follow the 60, 30, 10 rule. What that means? A dominant colour (often a neutral) takes up 60% of your space, while a secondary colour takes up 30% of the decor. Look around you, chances are you instinctively followed this rule when decorating your home. The remaining 10%? A punchy accent colour that ties the space together. For this trend, we recommend a burnt, kissed by the sun orange. Add it throughout your space in the shape of deco pillows, vases and decorative accents for an easy dose of vitamin D.


Exotic patterns

Hard to go on a vacation without seeing fascinating architectural features. To get the staycation feel, infuse your everyday with accents that will take your breath away. Bold pieces, like a mandala-inspired wall plaque should fuel your daydreams. A little dose of the tropics in deco pillow form never hurts either!


Natural wood

Live edges are having a moment and we’re definitely not complaining! Rugged, rustic and proudly showcasing the beauty of its solid wood, live edge furniture is trendy, yet unlikely to go out of style (natural materials rarely do). Want to try the look without replacing your furniture? Mango wood accents, like vases and decorative plates, are your best bet.



With so many rustic and bohemian influences coming into play here, a more modern material has to step in to balance the whole thing. A little touch of industrial concrete, think vases or candle-holders, goes a long way.


Silver-Coloured Accents

Since the exotic vacation vibe rests on incorporating history-filled finds, silver is the perfect addition to your space. Think about it: even prehistoric humans used silver! *mind blown* It’s known as one of the ‘metals of antiquity’ – whose discovery was never recorded – along with gold, copper, tin, lead, iron and mercury. Always elegant, it will reflect the light and add a hint of shimmer. To recreate the look of the pricey metal for less, ceramic swoops in – like the true design superhero it is – giving lamps and vases the metallic look without hurting your wallet.


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