Try the trend: Textured wall art 3 ways

Having a bare wall in your home can often make you feel frustrated. It can make a room feel boring, unfinished and even incomplete. Unfortunately, finding just the perfect piece to hang on the wall can be just as daunting as staring at an empty wall. The struggle is real.

The time has come to cover up that bare wall that’s tormenting you, and finally finish the room you’ve been envisioning. The answer lies in a relatively new trend: textured wall art. If you’re shaking your head in confusion, don’t worry, we’ll show you the ropes (really, sometimes textured wall art features ropes – go figure).

Try a bit of texture

There are numerous ways to introduce texture to a room. Usually, it’s done with fabrics in the form of lacy curtains, shaggy pillows and furry rugs, but those aren’t for everyone. If you are more inclined to choose classic, timeless design elements for your home, textured wall art can make a subtle but impactful statement.

Here are three ways to incorporate textured wall art in your decor like a pro:

  1. Go big: Feeling bold? Then opt for a medium or large texturized piece that’ll serve as the focal point of your living room, bedroom or dining room. To ensure all eyes are on your new centerpiece, pick something that includes an element that instantly stands out, like a glittery rendition of your favorite mountain view, or an abstract scene that incorporates shells and reminds you of summer. For a more clean cut feel, opt for a geometric foil piece in an upscale metallic.
  2. Go subtle: You might not be ready to take the plunge on wall art that captures so much attention, and that’s perfectly fine. There are other ways to incorporate texture more subtly, namely choosing a partially embellished canvas. When done right, three dimensional oil paint or gel marks lend the piece a handmade, heirloom feel. How’s that for timeless?
  3. Fake it: We won’t judge; you surely have your reasons for not wanting a heavily textured piece of art hanging on your walls – a mischievous toddler, a curious pet perhaps. Luckily, you can still have your cake and eat it, too. Simply choose a piece that appears texturized, while actually being flat. This technique is called flatbed printing using a special type of canvas, which gives the piece a believable three dimensional look and feel that’s every bit as edgy as the real thing.

Once you go the textured route, the possibilities for customization are virtually endless. Now, all that’s left before taking the plunge is to choose the perfect area in your home. We recommend one that’s directly above a credenza, a sofa or any other form of long piece of furniture, for maximum impact.

Be warned – you might have to shoo away guests’ hands from your treasured piece on more than one occasion. Pretty soon, they’ll get their own textured wall art and you’ll be hailed as the trendsetter who started it all.

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