The Top 5 Trends That Will Transform Your Home Into a Cozy Cocoon


Staying in is the new going out this winter.



Have you turned on the heat yet? I tried to fight it as long as I could, but this week, it finally got too chilly and          I gave in.


There’s more to staying toasty in the fall and winter than just adjusting the thermostat though. It’s important to create a warm vibe inside by switching up our accessories.

I firmly believe that those who absolutely despise winter just don’t have any things they look forward to taking out in preparation to the cold season. You know what? I love my winter boots, they might be the comfiest shoes I own. And they make me, in a way, look forward to seeing the ground covered in that slush we all know is coming.

The same mentality applies to your home decor. You should be pumped to finally be free to indulge in those nubby textures that will make you feel so safe and warm all winter long while you hibernate.

If you’re not excited yet, here are the top 5 trends that are sure to keep you cozy all season long, even when the heater can’t quite keep up.


1. Faux Fur

Getting cozy is all about getting warm while being surrounded by softness – and it doesn’t get much softer than faux fur! Add it to the bedroom by layering a throw onto your existing bedding and by replacing your cushions with furry picks. In the living room, swap your lighter blanket for a super snuggly faux fur one and complete the look with decorative pillows, either in realistic-looking furs or in novelty colours.


2. Fleece

Fleece? Don’t worry, this isn’t your-uncle-Joe’s-fleece-vest kind of fleece! The new fleece is more of a hybrid between faux fur and fleece. Still satisfyingly warm, it’s a chic, totally elevated version of the classic winter fabric. Just like with faux fur options, use it to update the living room and the bedroom or bring a lightweight fleece throw to the office if those budget review meetings give you the chills.


3) Plaid

No, plaid isn’t just for flannel shirts anymore, it’s also taking a prominent role in your decor! And, unlike faux fur and fleece, you can actually introduce it everywhere in your house. It’s the #1 solution to make your home feel more like a cozy cottage. Thanks to plaid, you’ll be able to give the bathroom a little love with new accessories or to introduce a chalet vibe to any room with checkered curtains. Whether in the classic black and red, or in a grey and white combo, you’ll feel its comforting properties right away!


4) Birch Trees 

Keep that cottage feeling going by pretending you’re in the middle of the forest. Surround yourself with dreamy birch trees, which symbolize growth, renewal, stability, and adaptability, all very meaningful when transitioning into winter. In wall art, on storage baskets or on curtains, they’ll easily be introduced to any room, thanks to their monochrome colour palette. Looking for a little DIY project? Hang some birch wallpaper! But make sure to read about the 10 most common mistakes before you start!


5) Velvet

Velvet is back with a vengeance and we’re loving it! As a kid, I cherished my velour scrunchies and crushed velvet tops, and am eager to be able to incorporate the luxe fabric everywhere in my grown-up space. Unlike 1980s velvet, 2018 velvet is incredibly more elegant (thank goodness). From curtains to dining chairs, ottomans and decorative pillows, it’s so easy to add velvet everywhere. Its super glam, somewhat retro look also means it’s not going anywhere soon – score!




How will you be transforming your home this winter?

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