The Packing Do’s and Don’ts Everyone Should Know

Moving is hard work!


Not only have you spent a considerable amount of time finding a new place, you now have to pack up everything you own (!!), put your boxes on a truck and unload it all in your new home. 

But why not make things a little easier? This must-follow list will make sure your moving day goes as smoothly as possible. 



  • Make small trips with the fragile items before moving day

Better be careful with those heirlooms! Instead of using up paper, why not wrap them in bedsheets, towels and clothing? That’ll be one less thing to move and it’s an eco-friendly solution! It’s also a good idea to move plants ahead of time since they tend to take a lot of space in a truck and can’t be piled up.


  • Label your boxes

AND only put things that belong together in the same box. When you pack, work room by room and clearly label the box with the room and the category (like “Kitchen – Pots & pans” or “Office – Supplies”).


  • Plan to have someone guiding the movers at both the new and old place

Once you’ve clearly labeled your boxes, this should be easy enough! When moving out, go through your “inventory” beforehand to make sure you don’t forget anything behind and describe what you have to the movers. In the new place, simply let people know where the rooms are as your marked boxes are to go in the right room!


  • Use small boxes for small and heavy items, and large boxes for bulky and light items

It’s happened to all of us—you’re helping a friend move and are stuck having to tackle a gigantic box. To your great dismay, the box is labeled “Books”. Don’t be that person.


  • Take some time off to unpack and get organized in your new place

Moving is a stressful process and the sooner you’re settled in the new place, the sooner you can relax and enjoy your hard work.



  • Pack all your cleaning products in a box

Because you’re a nice person, you’ll, of course, want to clean your old place before you leave! Keep some essentials like disinfecting spray, paper towels, bathroom cleaner, sponges, a mop and a broom handy for when the big job is done and you can tackle those pesky little corners.


  • Cram too much into a box 

Everyone’s worst nightmare: the box gives out and your favourite things fall on the hard concrete and break. Let’s save you some heartache, shall we? Only load a box with what you think it can handle and make sure it can close at a right angle so boxes can easily be piled up in the truck.


  • Get in the movers’ way when they’re moving objects

Simply direct them. You have the easy job!


  • Water your plants too close to the move

Freshly watered plants are heavier and could drip all over your car. To avoid both issues, water your plants a maximum of 48 hours before the move. But don’t forget to give them a little love once they’re in the new place!


  • Forget other storage spaces you may have

Have you looked EVERYWHERE? What about that weird cubby in that little forgotten corner though? Thought so.



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We can’t wait to hear about your super successful moving day!

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