Who is Your Mom And What Does She Want This Mother’s Day?

Surprise the mothers in your life this year.



Did you forget? Yep, it’s that time of year again already – it’s almost Mother’s Day!


Time to select the perfect gift to celebrate the moms, grandmas, mentors or best friends in your life. But don’t you feel like everything worth offering has already been given? Flowers? Beautiful and thoughtful, but SNOOZE. Chocolate? GET. REAL.

The first step to choosing the ultimate Mother’s Day gift? Determining your budget. Since you’ll also treat her during the holidays and on her birthday, this isn’t the time to go overboard. Find a price range you’re comfortable with and keep it in mind while shopping. Then what? Think about what kind of person she is. It can be hard to really see mom or grandma objectively so try to imagine being a friend her age. What would you guys do together? Where would you go? What would she talk to you about? It’s important to get a good picture before going shopping to make sure you’re nailing her personality to the T and also dodging all of the easy clichés.

Have a good portrait of who she is? Then here is our list of foolproof Mother’s Day presents to actually surprise your favourite mothers this year.


For the art lover

If the woman in your life is an artist at heart, she probably loves to be surrounded by beautiful, colourful things. Noticed a bare wall last time you went over for Sunday roast? Fill it with a substantial, skillfully crafted piece of art in hues you know she loves.

Brownie points: Keep in mind the colour of the wall you’re trying to fill as well as the art in close surroundings to make sure nothing clashes.

Can’t seem to think of a good spot for new artwork? Gift mom a museum pass or tickets to a limited-time exhibition she probably wouldn’t have treated herself to. Want to be super extra? Plan a day to go to the museum together and mention in the card that you’ll also be getting her coffee and sweets at the fancy little café on the corner. Time with her fave + tasty treats? YOU’RE A HERO.

Is she a more hands-on person? How about giving her a gift certificate for a class at the local art studio so she can develop her own style? Hey, maybe you’ll be the one gifted with artwork next time!


For the lounging queen

Is she at her happiest with Netflix and (actual) chill? Then think about easy accents that will bring her lounging experience to the next level. Functional pieces, like decorative pillows or a gorgeous throw, will feel like a luxury every night. Bonus? She’ll think of you every time she gets cozy and queues up her favourite show.

Brownie points: Think of the fabrics she likes. Does she have pets? Will she switch up her couch accents throughout the year or will they stay put? Make sure that the pieces you choose are a perfect fit for her home.

If her living room already looks A+, think of little things that will make a big difference. Is she a bookworm? Then a cute reading lamp or a fancy bookmark might just be exactly what she needs. Does she keep water on her nightstand? Upgrade her sitch with a beautiful carafe and matching glass.

Still not sure what she’d like? Go around her home and think of all of her favorite things. What do they have in common? Bet you that’s what she wants more of!


For the one who doesn’t need anything

“I don’t need anything, I just need my family!” Sound familiar? If she is the kind of person who is happy with a simple dinner with you, a cute card and a big hug, surprise her by taking your classic offering to the next level with a handmade pop-up card. Not only will she be amazed when she opens it, she’ll also probably want to keep it on display and brag about it to all of her friends. Boom – just like that, you’re the next craft superstar.

Brownie points: Merge away from the typical “Happy Mother’s Day, I love you!” message and come up with something that will get her all teary eyed.


For the busy bee

If she is always on the go, help her out with things that will bring her comfort level up, anytime, anywhere. If she’s a coffee or tea drinker, think about getting her a new travel mug or portable French press. Does she pretty much live in her car? A back support cushion she can strap to her seat might change her world and, although they’re almost extinct, music CDs or audio books might be a good idea if she is tired of listening to the radio, but doesn’t have media on her phone.

Brownie points: Try to remember a cool new song she’s been singing along to or research which of her favourite authors has a new book out.


For the spa fanatic

At the end of the day, there’s nothing like a good ole’ pampering session. Does she need a massage? Get her one! Has she been meaning to try water circuit spa therapy? Book her a relaxing day all to herself. Plus, you can totally invite yourself along if you’re also in need of some TLC. If you feel like she’d rather relax at home, treat her to a care package with various face masks, foot treatments and bath products she can pull out when she needs a pick-me-up. It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

Brownie points: Choose aromas you know she won’t be able to resist.


So, who really is the woman in your life and what does she really want? Is there another genius present we haven’t listed that you’d like to share with us? Let us know in the comments!

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