The essential tips for a successful BBQ

To throw the outdoor bash of the year,

you’ll need to throw out the rules.



The weather is finally collaborating with our #summergoals, our new patio furniture is begging to be used and the barbecue is just sitting there waiting to be ignited – so what are we waiting for? You know the queen would want you to celebrate her birthday with a big bash, serving tasty food to your friends and family!

Not sure how to start patio season with a bang? Here are your can’t-live-withouts:


Water-repellent cushions and chair pads

We don’t like to admit it, but it’s still spring. And who says spring says a ton of showers and temperatures that don’t always allow our pillows and chair pads to dry as fast we we’d like them to. So what do you do? You upgrade to water-repellent styles, covered in fabrics treated to resist the infiltration of water. Over are the days of running to go grab the pillows when the sky looks menacing AND of sitting in a puddle when you just wanted to enjoy the day in that new fabulous outfit. No matter the weather on May two-four weekend this year, your friends are bound to have dry bums and good spirits.


Awesome tabletop decor

When hosting outside, it’s important to remember that what’s on the table should be pretty AND useful. Since the wind might crash the party, ensure that the tabletop decor items you’re putting out are weighted or could be used to hold down lighter items, such as paper napkins and placemats. Handy trays with handles, the real BBQ MVPs, will allow you to carry everything from the kitchen to the deck, will look fantastic once set on the table and will be able to hold down those lightweight pieces.


A good playlist

What’s a summer party without all of the essential festival jams? If you don’t feel like playing DJ, don’t just put the radio on – no one wants to stop dancing and listen to car dealership jingles. Instead, find just the right mood for your guests and queue up an existing playlist on Spotify or make your own in advance – you’ll simply have to press play. EDM? Disco? Country? What will it be?


Candles and candle holders

Since the fiesta is bound to go on way past the sun’s bedtime, you’ll need some mood lighting to ensure your guests aren’t dancing in the dark (make sure you add that one to your playlist). And while mosquitoes aren’t particularly fierce this time of year, some of your guests are probably probably extra delicious and won’t be able to get away from them. Want to be kind to the environment and to your body? Make your own citronella candles, using no harsh chemicals. Once they’ve set, place them in lovely holders you’ll be able to reuse again and again.


Last minute essentials

OK, you’re all set: the decor looks perfect, the beats are ready and you’ve even made your own citronella candles. But, have you made sure you have stocked up on final essentials?

  • Ice

Serving warm “iced” tea and beer would be such a shame after all the work you’ve put in! Make sure you get to the corner store before the guests arrive and buy more bags of ice than you think necessary (hey, it doesn’t go bad).

  • Games

If you have a yard, a couple of games, like corn hole or bocce ball, might be a nice addition – especially if guests are coming with kids who will need to get their silly out. Hosting in a smaller space? “Get to know one another” card games will be a relief for shy guests who came by themselves.

  • Vegetarian options

Even if no full-on vegetarians are coming, make sure you have at least 1 option on hand. Making burgers? Portobello mushrooms or veggie patties are great alternatives. If you’re going the hot dog route, you’ll find vegetarian options at your local grocery store, usually located near the tofu.


Here’s to the best summer bash EVER! Don’t forget to share your summer memories with us on Instagram, using #bouclair!

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