The best way to decorate on $1K

It’s the little investments that make a big difference.



Decorating on a budget is always hard. It’s human nature: when we’re limited, we just want more, more, MORE! So can you really bring newness where it matters with $1000? Absolutely! Simply keep in mind which design choices are gonna make the biggest difference in your life.

Here’s where you should invest first:


In the kitchen and the living room

They say the kitchen is the heart of the home, but we think the living room is pretty stiff competition. That’s why we’ve decided to pair them here – no matter what, we bet you spend the majority of your time at home in either one. This is why the transformation should start here. The ultimate switcheroo? Taking care of your windows – the curtains, the rods, the blinds, the whole shebang. By framing your windows properly (here’s how), you’ll make the ceiling look taller, the room feel wider and you’ll inspire a new colour palette.


In the bedroom

Don’t you dare overlooking this one! Too many people see their bedroom as just a place to sleep, but having a peaceful retreat is sure to bring your stress levels WAY down. Refresh the bedroom by paying attention to its superstar – your bed. Treat it to new bedding, including new sheets, a new duvet cover and new pillows. Old and stained is out, cozy and clean is here! While you’re in there, take some time to declutter – the less stuff you have in the bedroom, the better you’ll sleep. A free investment you might even make a few bucks on during your next yard sale!


In the entryway

What do you see when you first step into your home? What kind of feeling do you get right off the bat? Try this exercise: Go out the front door. Close the door. Step away a little bit and look at your home – try to see it as if this was your first time laying eyes on it. Take this opportunity to look at the curb appeal and to pinpoint cosmetic details you may have foregone on the façade. Now approach the front door, again, as if it was your first time there. Open the door and step in. Without thinking, say out loud (no one will judge, it’s ok, you’re inside now!) how your entryway makes you feel, as well as what you like and don’t like about it. Surprising yourself like this is a great way to shed new light on old spaces. Did you just realize you hate the hand-me-down table you’ve had for over a decade? Are there gloves and scarves out even though the nice weather is here? Your entryway should make you feel happy to be home. There should be a spot for you to put everything down so you bring zero chaos inside. Invest in smart storage solutions you’ll be happy to use on the daily.


Have money left over?

Time for fun decor touches! Open Pinterest and look at the home decor photos you’ve pinned for inspiration. What do they have in common? Do they feature decorative items you go gaga for, yet feel like you wouldn’t treat yourself to? Well, guess what – go for it! With so many decorative objects on the market at affordable prices, you can get that expensive look on a very reasonable budget – just make sure you get rid of clutter and display things wisely. Too many times, we want our home to be all about function and forget that just because we live in it, doesn’t mean it can’t be picture-perfect.


What are your best ways to decorate on a budget? Let us know in the comments!

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