The 5 Ways to Start Using Fall’s Top Colour


We’ve fallen head over heels for teal



As the thought of the cold weather coming looms above our heads, we naturally start gravitating towards cozy textures and dreamier hues, turning our homes into soft cocoons we’ll be happy to hibernate in all winter long.


Joining the ranks of our favourite jewel tones is a mid-century modern favourite which looks just as perfect in a child’s bedroom as it does in a master bedroom; teal.


Teal has officially graduated to the big leagues thanks to a grown-up greyed undertone, somewhat muting it and making it as deep as it is rich. Think less aqua, more emerald.


How to give in to such a bold new hue? By trying it:



  1. In layers


Does teal on teal on teal really work? You bet! Just make sure to mix and match pillows, throws and other textiles in different tones of the same colour in order to create a cohesive colour palette that is full of depth and visual interest. Not sure how? Think of a paint chip, where the colours presented are all tones of the same hue, with either more white or more black added to them, making them lighter or darker. If your hues look like they could be paired together at the paint store, you’re on the right track!


  1. In paint form


Before you start hyperventilating thinking about how to get clean trim lines using dark, bold paint, consider this new trend: why not paint the trim the same colour as the wall? NO. WAY. Shocked? You’ll get over it once you see how high the ceilings look. Use a nice, deep teal on an accent wall, perhaps as the feature behind the bed, or all over a small room, such as a powder room, for maximum effect.


  1. With its complementary colour

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By now, you may be familiar with the colour wheel and the amount of incredible on-point colour pairings it has brought us. You may, however, be surprised to learn that teal’s complementary colour is no other than… maroon! Makes sense when you think about it: Christmas time is full of the purest primary red and iconic kelly green so what happens when you add blue and a hint of yellow to both of those classic celebratory hues? Yep, you get maroon and teal! No matter how you juxtapose them, you’re sure to have a hit on your hands every time.


  1. As a special accent


Sometimes, it’s absolutely true that less is more. Is that your personal motto? Then indulge in one special teal piece that will make your room come to life. Whether it’s curtains to give your space more energy and more privacy all at once, or a decorative item that takes your breath away, there’s bound to be a unique teal-coloured item calling your name. Find it, incorporate it to your decor and cherish it.


  1. As wall art


There are so many reasons to go crazy with wall art. First up, it’s art and we all know that to be surrounded by art is to enjoy constant inspiration – who couldn’t use a bit more inspiration? So go ahead and curate your own tiny museum. Another reason we’re so fond of it? It’s easily changeable! You’re not picking up a paintbrush and making a semi-permanent change, you might not even need to pick up a hammer! Go around your home and study your wall art, yes, even the things that have been up so long you don’t even see anymore. Is there one you could do without? Replace it with artwork featuring bold teal for a little oomph in your daily life – you’ll feel invigorated!


Giving it a go? We’re excited to see what method you’ve chosen to incorporate teal into your space!

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