The 5 bathroom decor ideas that’ll inspire you

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Raise your hand if your main bath is everything you want it to be… Yeah, thought so.


If TV is to be trusted, a bathroom is supposed to be your spa-like oasis, the place you escape to, the most relaxing spot in your home. But for most people, a bathroom is, well… just a bathroom.

Often small and cramped, washrooms are seldom the first room we think about revamping, unless it’s in need of a major reno. But you know what? There is hope for your bathroom and it doesn’t require a complete overhaul! Simply updating it with a few affordable add-ons will make it seem like a brand new space, one you can finally actually relax in.

Let’s dive in – here are our top 5 bathroom decor ideas that are sure to make a big splash:



  1. A utilitarian surface by the tub

No more space on the edge of the bathtub or have a gorgeous yet slightly impractical clawfoot tub? Place a handy side table within reach and outfit it with your essentials. Want to watch your favourite show while taking as little soak? You now have an extra surface for your electronics!


  1. Add plants!

Want to turn your “me time” in the bathroom into a mini tropical getaway? Add some plants! If your bathroom has no windows or if the fan pretty much always needs to be on because of moisture overload, the thought of growing real plants in there may seem absurd to you, but faux plants will thrive anywhere! No stress, and you’ll get the look you crave without having to lift a finger.


  1. A seat

Putting on lotion just got easier! Select a bench that’s moisture-resistant, made of a material like metal or wood, or treat any fabric to a waterproof spray, available at hardware stores. Always looking for more space to stash towels or bath toys? Opt for a storage ottoman. Actually having a sit while you bathe the kids and not drowning in chaos? Game-changing!


  1. A towel rack

No disrespect to hooks, but hanging wet towels on a towel rack gives them an incredibly superior dry. Damp towels are more vulnerable to bacterial growth so we want them to dry faster. Plus, towel racks look and feel luxurious, freeing up those hooks behind the door for that robe you love slipping on right after a majestic bubble bath.


  1. A bath tray

Speaking of bubble baths, having a stylish tray in there with you is the ultimate way to take their sumptuousness to the next level. Wine in the tub? A total must if you ask us. Throw in a candle and a cheese plate, there’s room! With a fairly simple DIY project, you won’t believe you’ve lived without it all this time!


See, it’s actually really easy to add a little freshness to the bathroom!



Which idea will you try? Is there something we forgot to include?

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