The 2018 Holiday Gift Guide

Check this list before checking yours twice.



Every year, we face the same struggle. What holiday gifts do we give the ones we love?


We know them so well, yet every year, it’s so incredibly easy to get overwhelmed by the stress of the holidays and to gift our favourite people yet another sweater. Yep, just like the one we gave them last year… Let’s get real here, we should all do better this time around!

That’s why we cooked up the ultimate home decor gift guide for everyone in your family including mom, dad, your partner, your nieces, your nephews, and everyone in between.

Checking off your list has never been easier!


Gifts for mom

Oh, mom! If you’re like me, you certainly don’t want to disappoint here. Your best bet? Beautiful decor items she can add to her already stylish space. Plus, she’ll think of you every time she lays eyes on them – score!



Gifts for dad

Good ole’ dad – the man who has everything. He might even be the man who buys himself the gadgets you know he’s been eyeing right before the holidays. Ugh! But go ahead and surprise him. With coziness, with a cool clip lamp for his home office or garage workspace, with a surprising accessory representing his favourite sport, or with some art for his man cave.



Gift exchange gifts

You know it’s coming! Sooner or later, your office is going to announce the annual Secret Santa and you’re going to draw Susan from accounting, whom you barely know. Sigh. Here are sure bets Susan will find irresistible:



Gifts for your best friend

Your BFF is arguably the coolest person in the world, so she deserves extra stylish stuff. Give her cozy, give her practical, while also giving yourself cozier for the next time you go over to her place to watch (and cry at) The Notebook for the hundredth time.




Gifts for your partner

Show them how much you love them by giving them sweet and thoughtful gifts. A decorative word for their desk to remind them of how much you cherish them, a new pillow (which is basically like offering them a better night’s sleep), a warm throw for your joint Netflix marathons, a lumbar pillow with a sweet message or a tray to serve them Christmas morning breakfast in bed. Whatever you choose, you’re the boo of the year!






Gifts for the kids

Kids’ tastes change so quickly, it’s hard to keep up! So bypass the super kiddo stuff and gift them with items that feel a little grown-up. They’ll love them for years to come.





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