Sleeping Beauty: The easy way to remix your bedroom

I might as well have called this piece “how to reimagine the look and feel of a bedroom for $100 or less,” since that’s more or less what the right duvet cover can do for a space. Buying and rotating through multiple duvet covers is a game-changer, a way to give rooms an easy seasonal or thematic makeover without investing a lot of time or money.

And then there’s the laundry part: because duvet covers are so easy to slip on and off, they’re just as effortless to clean. What’s more, even a king duvet cover can be washed in a regular machine with other laundry, while the stuffed duvets themselves usually mean a trip to a laundromat with a specialized double-loader. Regularly changing duvet covers reduces the amount of normal dirt and grime that seeps through onto the comforter inside, which means schlepping it to the cleaners less often while still enjoying fresh, clean bedding that looks great.

Highlight What Works

Because beds take up such a large part of a room’s floor space, switching just this one element can have a radical effect on the overall impact of a bedroom or guestroom. I keep roughly as many duvet covers for each bed in the house as I do sets of sheets and other bedding, and I change them at least once every few months. A fresh duvet cover totally transforms the atmosphere of a room, helping to set the tone for the season. Swapping a paler shell onto comforters as summer approaches can make a room feel lighter and breezier as the climate gets warmer, while a darker or more textured top cover with a layer of luxurious throws instantly makes a space feel cozier when temperatures drop in the fall. A cover with a luxurious textured exterior hits the right note for a romantic evening in. For variety, it’s fun to have a printed duvet cover in the mix, either with a repeated pattern or a statement-making image.

Try being playful! Because they’re very expressive and relatively inexpensive, duvet covers are one area of household decoration where you can experiment and take chances with different looks. When I’m picking out a single duvet cover in the kids’ rooms, for example, I ask them to weigh in (pro tip: this is never a good idea in the living room!!), and this adds a unique touch to their bedrooms that I couldn’t have come up with on my own. In a boys’ room with bunk beds, two different duvet covers for the twin beds make each feel personalized and homey, while staying in complementary tones still keeps the room tied together.

Play With Your Duvet

Because choosing a duvet cover is fairly low-risk, investment-wise, it’s safe to make bold, striking choices and even resist the impulse to make a room match. While it’s wise to stay within the same general theme, there’s lots of room to play. One of my favourite bedroom revamps featured a rosy pink duvet cover for a queen in a roomful of pale neutral grays, and the results were exquisite.

When it comes to duvet covers, there’s no reason to be timid. Adding a touch of luxury, a pop of colour or a little seasonal change makes your bedrooms as creative and expressive as the people who live in them. It’s an easy way to sleep soundly knowing you’re somewhere lovely.

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