Setting up for a 2020 kind of Holiday!​

The pandemic may force us to navigate the holidays a little differently this year, with either intimate celebrations at home with our immediate household members or virtually with our loved ones. Either way, you can transform your home into a real winter wonderland in time for holiday celebrations and relaxation. In short, set your environment to be beautiful and inviting, not only to create a sense of normalcy but to create long-lasting memories.

Psst – go all out! Step into an inviting, fairy-tale like environment that allows you to unwind and savour all the little things that we love most about the holidays, such as: Christmas tree lights, the smell of fresh pine, pretty wreaths, but also eating gingerbread cookies, sipping on a cup of hot cocoa, and a captivating book. Reminisce over your favourite childhood memories while creating new ones with your loved ones, in person or virtually. Decorate your tree and hang pretty stockings on the fireplace mantle to a cheery holiday playlist, December being that exclusive month of the year with a unique song selection to put you in a festive mood.

When the temperature drops, prepare to get snug. Find comfort in things that are soft, fluffy and cozy that you can enjoy during time spent relaxing from the hustle bustle of holiday shopping, wrapping and preparing. Sink into the soothing colours of white, beige and green that set the tone of your living room. Spend your evening (or entire day) watching your favourite holiday flicks on repeat while snuggling with your better half or little ones under a velvety throw and enjoying your favourite holiday snacks. It doesn’t get better than that!

Don’t forget to hit the snooze button! While celebrating is important, pressing pause is equally important. Cherish those little moments of calm, serenity and crisp air to catch up on some z’s. Create a soothing and calming ambiance – greenery and sunlight can help you achieve that Zen-like aura in your bedroom, while the right linen a decadent surface on your bed.

Since this year’s celebrations are likely to differ from the previous ones, make sure to recreate that holiday spirit – the one that makes us feel all fuzzy inside. It’s precisely that feeling that we want to share with the people we love, and what better way to do it, than over a beautiful table and glorious homemade holiday dishes? After all, some of the best conversations and moments happen over family dinners. Dive into the festivities in a setting that exudes positivity and cheer. This year, elegant holiday decorations are stealing the spotlight. Little decorative houses are enchanting, especially when placed over tealight candles. Table linen play a major role in creating that sought-after holiday atmosphere. Deck your table with just the right balance of greenery, wood serving trays or platters and plaid table linen. The right table setting can bring us closer together, it makes us appreciate the little things and each other. Virtual or not, every moment should feel magical.

Sit back and relax by the fireplace! It’s time to enjoy your favorite holiday drinks and baked goodies. It’s also a great occasion to further connect with friends and family. So take out those board games! There are tons of great alternatives for playing online as well. There’s something for all tastes and ages. Laughing, sharing and being grateful for one another is a great way to connect and an opportunity to make new memories. It also forces us to be creative in unprecedented times. But whether you get to spend your holidays together physically or virtually, festivities should be spent in spaces that allow for positivity and comfort. Throw in some holiday-themed pillows and throws to keep warm. Fairy lights and candles are also a great way to add warmth to the ambiance. The holiday season is also a reason to stay up late caroling and listening to holiday classics – it is after all, the most wonderful time of the year.

Wrapping presents, dressing up like Santa, playing Secret Santa, wearing ugly holiday sweaters are all part of the holiday fun! But unwrapping gifts under a beautiful tree, adorned with lights and ornaments is one of our favourite things to do. It fills us with excitement, glee and makes us all giddy; we’re happy to give and to receive. By the way, you can play secret Santa virtually – draw names on a name drawing application on your cell phone, send your gift ahead of time and unwrap with your group virtually.​ If celebrating the holidays means being apart from friends and family this year, make sure to capture all those magical moments on camera and to share them with loved ones.

Stay safe, and happy holidays!

Author: Agata Babczuk


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