Room to grow: Design a trendy nursery that won’t eventually look tacky

Chosen a name? Check. Bought a stroller? Check. Read up on child-raising? Double check. As you cross items off of your neverending pre-parenthood to-do list, you might be looking forward to one in particular. Designing your bundle of joy’s room with equal-parts sturdy and adorable kids furniture.

For most folks, just thinking about nursery decor conjures up images of pastel furniture and ‘theme’ walls – but that’s not everyone’s cup of tea. Not to mention, your child may resent that monkey wallpaper as soon as he or she starts having dreaded opinions. If you’re looking for guidance ahead of your next trip to browse kids furniture stores, listen up.

Make a Game Plan

First thing’s first, avoid making large investments in pieces that are either trendy or hard to switch up as your child grows. In other words, it’s fine to buy that oh-so-cute bunny lamp, but when it comes to kids furniture – like a bed or a chest – you’re better off choosing more classic pieces they can enjoy for years to come.

Start BIG

A good principle to adhere to when it comes to decor, is to choose the biggest item first – as it’ll serve as an anchor for the rest of the choices you make. When choosing furniture for kids, that means prioritizing the crib (or bed), and working out from there.

By all means, go with the crib/bed you like the most. However, since most of the kids room furniture you buy will be replaced within a few years, you might want to rein in your budget.

Typically, no one regrets getting a timeless, sophisticated finish, such as white or wood grain – but that doesn’t mean you can’t venture outside the box and go for an unexpected modern hue. Just keep it serene, OK? People are trying to get some sleep.

The (Not so Small) Details

Ahh, the fun part – you’ve been waiting on the edge of your seat, haven’t you? It’s time to dress up your child’s room with accessories. When we say ‘accessories’, we mean anything that doesn’t have to be assembled, and can be switched around fairly easily. This category includes lighting and chairs, as well as linens, blankets and pillows.

But here’s the exciting part: Unlike a crib or a changing table, your accessories don’t have to be kid-specific! Insert a bit of grown up flare with cozy knitted pillows, industrial stools and mod shaggy rugs – they won’t look foreign in a nursery, and you’ll be able to repurpose them when it’s time to spruce up any other room in your home.

Don’t Neglect the Fun

Kids love to have their own space which expresses their personality, but what they truly want is a place where to play. Whether you’re designing for a baby or a bigger kid, you need to consider the playing that’ll take place in the room on a daily basis – and plan accordingly.

Kids playroom furniture should be functional, safe and inspiring. Lay down a foam mat and keep age-appropriate toys nearby. At this point, it’s helpful to consider storage to ensure that, when unused, the room remains uncluttered and easy to move around in. Don’t count on it going unused though – kids will be kids, and play they shall play.

Bring on the Memories

It’s easy to become sentimental when choosing furniture for your child’s room. Whether it’s the first bed they’ll ever sleep in, or when it’s time to let go of the crib they’ve outgrown, you’re choosing the backdrop of your child’s precious childhood memories. No pressure! However you approach it, try to enjoy the design process – because you’ll probably be switching things up quite a bit.

Oh, and before we forget: Congratulations!

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