Pastels Are Changing The Decorating Game

Are we really announcing a pastel trend at this time of year?



We bet you thought you’d never hear this: Pastels are officially the rebels of the decorating world.



Yep, the soft hues you’ve come to love sparingly are now an everyday thing. Forget about enjoying them strictly seasonally, they’ve reached the big time.

Once everybody’s favourite spring guilty pleasure, pastels have moved away from being associated only with blooming flowers and Easter. They’ve now been elevated to timeless decor staple, thanks to rich textures and elegant patterns ready to grace your interiors all year.


Here’s how we’re now using them:


Pastel Bedding



Since bedrooms were made for dreamy hues, we’re coating our sleeping spaces with sweet, sweet colour. Embracing the monochrome trend, we focus in on one particular shade, like the pretty pink seen above, and go all out!


Start with a duvet cover or coverlet set to make your bed the true star of the room, then outfit it with crisp white bedding to break everything up. Pastels are meant to be played with, and while you can definitely bathe your space in them, they can become a bit much if not grounded by neutrals.


Anchor pastel bedding, and accessories like vases and decorative pillows, with white, black and natural touches. Remember: your bedroom should feel like a gorgeous grown-up retreat, not a teenager’s room. If, at any point, you feel like one Justin Bieber poster away from your little cousin’s dream hang out spot, add more neutrals.


Pastel Decorative Pillows



Peaceful pastels are now synonymous with cozy comfort in the living room thanks to our forever-favourite obsession, decorative pillows. In sophisticated travel-inspired prints or go-with-everything solids, new decorative pillows can brighten any Netflix marathon, which is especially appreciated as we prepare for hibernation season.


It’s important to keep in mind that there is more to pastels than soft pinks. Faded blues and soothing greens carve themselves a place in our decors with their unisex appeal and spa-like feel.


Complete the look with a pastel throw and a few sweetly-coloured accents throughout the room.


Pastel Paint



Are pastels the new white? You tell us! Romantic-hued walls are now all the rage and are surprisingly versatile!


Whether you dare to paint a whole room, or prefer to stick to an unexpected accent wall, keep your wall decor and furniture pieces on the neutral side so the paint remains the room’s major player! Nervous about painting with a bold colour? Learn all of the tricks before putting the first brushstroke on the wall.


A gallery wall featuring florals, animals and inspiring quotes will look especially lovely on a pastel-coloured wall, giving the room an overall soft vibe.



If you’re worried about other colours coming into contact with your pastel wall, put textures first. Textile art wall decor paired with curtains, a bench and a throw, all in neutral tones, gives a room a lot of visual interest, giving a lot to look at other than the pastel itself.


To try something with more contrast, play with dramatic black, another cherished neutral, in different forms.


Pastel Curtains



Windows are not usually a spot where people take risks, but we say – stop playing it so safe and have some fun! Pastel curtains are available in sheer, panel and blackout styles, perfect for any room – so why not switch the focus in any space and let the windows shine for once?


For a straight-out-of-a-fairytale look like on the picture above, let sheer pastel curtains pool on the floor. Romance is practically guaranteed.



Not really into the super romantic look, but still want to try something fresh? Put up pastel curtains that graze the floor in that all-neutral room you’ve been wanting to spruce up. Is it your office? It’s probably your office. Just like that, problem solved!




So, what do you think of the pastel trend? How will you incorporate it into your space?

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