Our 2019 Mother’s Day Gift Guide!

Mom-approved. Wallet-approved.




With spring’s warmer weather and the year’s first blooms comes one of our favourite holidays; Mother’s Day!


But what do you get the most important women in your life, who have been there for you through it all?


Whether you’re shopping for your mom, your best friend, partner, relatives, coworkers, or even longtime neighbours, choosing Mother’s Day presents can come with plenty of stress. The goal: finding something meaningful enough, while staying under budget.


These 10 go-to gifts are sure to check all the boxes!



A sweet picture frame

Place a photo of the both of you in there, it’s sure to be a hit.



A gorgeous pillow

This watercolour-style eucalyptus print decorative pillow is as artsy as it is chic. With its neutral tones and just a pop of soothing green, it’s bound to seamlessly make itself at home in any decorating scheme.


A cute zipper pouch

This is the kind of accessory that has a different function for everyone, which makes it a total foolproof gift. Is it a makeup bag? A pencil case? A spot for sewing essentials? It’s up to them to decide! Sweeten the surprise by placing something inside, such as a gift card, her favourite candy or museum admission tickets for a fun day together.

An adorable decorative word

A reminder of what’s truly important in life, a decorative word can be displayed anywhere, from a bookshelf, to a console table or a side table. They’ll feel loved every time it catches their eye!


A cozy throw

She deserves to be as comfy as can be, and this throw will help! Made of knit, and therefore not too warm even for summer nights, she’ll love taking cover under it as part of her evening ritual.



A fun cocktail shaker

If mama likes to host get-togethers, she probably adores having novelty barware around! Super on-trend with its rose gold cap and cactus print, she’ll probably end up keeping it out for the whole world to see even when there isn’t a party underway.


A thoughtful lumbar pillow

The combo of meaningful typography and luxurious comfort is nothing short of heavenly. This oversized lumbar pillow bears a message so sweet, she might tear up a little. We recommend having tissues handy.



A gorgeous vase

Make sure you fill it with incredible fresh blooms from your favourite local florist or with artificial stems that look just as good as the real thing and can last for years and years.



A pretty all-in-one planter option

Get the blossoms, the vessels and a rustic-chic decorative display box all at once with this stunner! Mother’s Day has never been easier.



A minimalist heart

Sure, it’s a handsome heart, but its sculptural qualities also make it a work of art. Perfect on a desk, bookshelf or mantle, it’ll be a tender daily reminder of your endless affection.



What are your gifting the ever-so-important mothers in your life this year?

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