Lumbar pillows will make you want to make your bed

Styling a bed can be a pain in the neck…

But it doesn’t have to be!





Ever wanted to make your bed resemble the ones you see in magazines, only to outfit it with 12 decorative pillows that just ended up on the floor at the end of the day?


Not only that, but you’d have to take the time to pick up all those pillows and put them back in the morning! (Hello, you’re on a schedule!)


Thankfully, lumbar pillows are here to offer high style in only a few seconds. Simply add them to your existing bedding and cushions or *gasp* pare down and make it real easy to want to make the bed.


Here’s how:


Keep it minimalistic



Get the look by merely enhancing your basic bedding with a lumbar pillow. Start with a cohesive sheet set – we’re talking matching fitted sheet, flat sheet and pillowcases paired with a matching duvet cover set including sham pillow covers. The combination of the sleeping pillows and the sham-covered pillows will give you good support for activities like reading or watching TV in bed, while not overloading it. The finishing touch? A single lumbar pillow in a matching shade for an extra relaxing vibe, or in a contrasting colour or pattern to awaken the space.


Want to extend the minimalist vibe to the whole space? Try decluttering your bedroom. A clean space gives way to better dreams so go around the room and put things you don’t need, rarely use or were keeping “just in case” in a donation bag. Try thinking as little as possible when doing this – follow your gut. If clutter that is indispensable to your life is occupying the bedroom, move it to another room. This is a space for rest, not for knick knacks! You might want to take a nap once you’re done – that was really great work you did!


Break it up



If you’ve already invested in decorative pillows that you absolutely love, but still want to give this new trend a try, find a lumbar pillow to complement them. No need to match colours and patterns here, simply look at the bedding you have in combination with the cushions you wish to keep on your bed and find a lumbar pick that will feel like a breath of fresh air in your existing space.


Love the surprising effect adding a lumbar pillow had on your space? Inject more newness into the room you could draw with your eyes closed. The bedroom is a space that is supposed to feel dreamy, aetherial and even a little sexy so indulge in decorative accents that will make the room feel special to you. You decide whether that means lush greenery, luxurious golden accents or divine candles!


Make a statement



Want to make a statement? Opt for an oversized lumbar pillow! Lumbar pillows already being on top of our comfy list, it’s no surprise that XL ones up to coziness factor anywhere they go. To fully embrace the oversized mentality, go for something that spans almost the full width of the bed. For a full or queen bed, go for one measuring 24” or more and select a cushion at least 30” in length to top a king-sized bed. Use it on its own if you’re more of a minimalist or have it mix up your existing arrangement or even inspire a new one.


Love a big, bold statement? Keep the trend going with oversized wall art! No matter your personality, there is sure to be an extra-large canvas out there for you! Landscapes, nature scenes, abstract art or floral prints are sure to inspire your wanderlust while grounding the space.



So, how will lumbar pillows switch up your bedroom? Time to get the space you’ve been dreaming of!

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