Join the Dark Side: Update Any Room with Bold Black Accents


Black isn’t back, it never left.



How many versions have you heard of “<random colour> is the new black”?


Urban Dictionary even lists “the new black” as a fill-in-the-blank expression, stating that anything awesome could potentially be the new black if you would like it to be.

Even Netflix’s monster hit “Orange is the New Black” tries to make a claim, but design experts worldwide have always known there’s no real competition for timeless black.

Black was always the only black. The perfect marriage of elegance and drama, it’s now available in such a wide variety of products, we want and need it all over the house!

So we say go for it; join the dark side. Give into a trend that’s so easy to introduce into your decor, it’s certain to go with everything you already own.




Transform your home office with black decor


Working? Ugh! And in an environment that’s lacking pizzazz? Talk about a recipe for blank-page syndrome! The first step towards crushing your next late night working sesh’? A new chair to make sure you’re comfy! If you have a dedicated office space and want to freely move around, choose one on wheels. Working in an open area of the house? Opt for a chair on legs. Its streamlined look won’t attract the eye as much, making it easier to forget about paperwork when you’re preparing dinner. Need to update your desk? Don’t forget to also consider console tables. Usually skinnier and more minimalist than regular desks, they’re a great alternative for your in-full-view office corner. Finish off the look with cute accessories you’ll love looking at, as well as wall art that will inspire you in time of need.


Add mystery to your bedroom with black decor


Stop right there! Have you been putting off your bedroom makeover, saying that it didn’t matter because all you do is sleep in there anyway? Time to reconsider that choice because it’s so easy to add a little sensuousness to your space with the help of black! Decorative pillows and new side tables will act as a breath of fresh air in a space that should feel like a little snuggly getaway. Reading in bed in the middle of the afternoon? Now you can (and you’ll want to)!


Spruce up the dining room with black furniture & accessories


A more appetizing dining room? Delicious! It all boils down to pinpointing exactly what needs to be refreshed in the space. Is it the table? The chairs? The curtains? Does everything look fabulous as is yet whenever guests come over, you scramble to find matching dishes, serving plates and coasters? Lucky for you, all of those problems can be solved with black, and doing any of these updates will spice things up! Looking to add black to the kitchen as well? Get all the intel here.


Make your living room even cozier


Ok, ready to take cozy to the next level? Envelop yourself in soothing black. Think about the amount of natural light coming into your living room. If you get lots, you might want to consider putting black directly on the walls with paint. Scary stuff, right? Relax and get inspired here.


Want to add to your daily family fun without going all the way? Paint a chalkboard on a full wall, or on parts of one, where everyone will leave cute notes and reminders. If you’d rather not touch your already flawless paint job, or if you don’t get a ton of natural light, opt for cool matte black pieces instead. New edgy geometric lighting will add brightness to your hangout spot while decorative accents, such as vases, will refresh the colour palette. Also sure to be a hit? Furniture featuring matte black metal legs. Audaciously industrial, yet modern and timeless, contemporary frames put a new spin on the furniture styles you’ve always loved.




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