Is The Marble Trend For You?

The elegant rock is here to stay!



Marble. Maaarbleeee. Does the mere mention of the luxurious veined rock make your wallet tremble?


If so, you’re not alone! For centuries now, marble has seemingly been out of reach for common folks, with an expensive price tag associated with its lavish qualities. The prized material for sculptures in the Classical era – we’re talking as early as the 8th century BC – marble has kept up its elitist ways through the ages, now probably featured in your favourite pop star’s mansion, from their grand staircase to their kitchen counters and entryway fountain.


But you know what? There’s a new marble in town! Or shall I say – a new marble look. Sure, you could absolutely blow your budget on the real thing, but why not go for marble finishes that look just like it? Not only are they affordable, no one will be able to tell the difference!


So is the marble trend for you? We’ll let you decide. This is how we’re currently rocking it:


In the kitchen


Let’s get real for a second: who doesn’t want to feel extra fancy when they’re hosting guests? I know I do! And pulling out my best serving ware just has a way of adding that extra special touch to the evening. So pull out those marble serving trays and use them to spread out your cheese and crackers or your veggies and dips.


Did you know? Marble deposits can be hundreds of feet thick!


Just having a casual game-watching party with a few friends in the living room? Pull out the marble! You won’t regret going the extra mile. It’s like Coco Chanel said, “A woman can be overdressed, but never over elegant”. But in this case, your table is the woman.


At the base of sleek lamps


Marble just has a way of elevating any look, taking the sleek and classic to an opulent state. And we love when there’s just a hint of it on our table and floor lamps! You’ll find marble at the base of many chrome metal looks (although it looks extra decadent paired with gold) and it instantly makes a big statement.


Did you know? Marble is a porous rock needing its fair share of upkeep. Faux marble on the other hand…


Do you have an old lamp at home that was just waiting for the right DIY project? Marble it up!


As a surprising furniture finish


This is new. This is SO NEW: Furniture with a marble twist. Interested yet? Wood veneer, the super durable tabletop finish you probably already have in your home, now has a new look and it’s surprising, enticing and exciting all at once. Here’s a close-up:




Cool, right? Juxtaposed against a sleek chrome base or a bold and trendy black matte one, it’s the stuff double takes are made of. And the best part is, it’s affordable! Score!


In our mood lighting


2 words: marble candles. Marble candles, really? Yes, and I’m obsessed! As if pillar candles weren’t already sophisticated enough! Super easy to add to any decor, they’ll up the luxe factor in any room, from the bathroom to the living room, without forgetting the added ooh-la-la they’ll inject to your bedroom vibe.


Did you know? The Taj Mahal is made entirely of marble!


If you want to keep enjoying the marble without watching it melt away, opt for a marble pillar candle holder instead! It will go with any colour candle you choose and will forever live in tune with the rest of your decor, thanks to its timeless qualities and neutral hues.



So what do you say, is the marble trend for you?

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