How to feel at home in your dorm

A guide to happy residence living

Ready for the time of your life? We hear you’re going to college – congrats!



We know there are just about a million things on your mind before you head back to school. After all, you’re finally flying the coop, and will get to live on your own for the first time – but are you ready for all that it implies?

Research shows that around 70% of students will experience homesickness during their first weeks at school. Want to dodge that bullet? Make sure your dorm room starts feeling like home immediately after move-in with these university-life essentials:


Cozy bedding


Dorm rooms tend to be small, especially if you’re sharing one with your hopefully-soon-to-be new BFF. Your bed is where you’ll spend most of your time, catching up on compulsory reading and relaxing watching Netflix, so it should be extra cozy. We’re talking the softest bedding ever plus a whole bunch of decorative pillows in your favourite colours. The finishing touch? A warm throw blanket you’ll layer on the bed on cold winter nights or will bring with you to the common room to casually hang your with your new crush from across the hall…




A soft rug


Don’t stop the softness at bedding – lay a fluffy rug on the floor. It will ensure that you get a little boost of happiness as soon as your feet touch the floor – even if you wake up on the wrong side of the bed, AND are late for your chem lab, AND you finished your homework at 3am.



Wall decor that’s so you


University is the perfect time to figure out who you really are as well as who you want to be, but you’re going to need some motivation! Surround yourself with your wall decor featuring your favourite sayings, in shiny metallics or trendy pastels. Because you probably won’t be able to nail anything into the walls, and because posters are a little passé TBH, play with wall stickers that can be easily removed when the time comes. Want to build a gallery wall? Use sticky hanging strips, available at any hardware store or big-box retailer, to create your arrangement.



An Organized Desk Area


Reality check: If you want good grades, you’re going to need a desk area that is geared towards your success. Make a spot for everything by choosing organizational accents that fit your school supplies – nothing should ever be out of place if you don’t want to become a giant mess! Make sure to also keep lots of available space on your desk, at least enough to fit your laptop plus a big open book.



An eye mask


Photo credit: Popsugar


You’ll want to get your beauty sleep and, sorry to break it to you, but that might be quite the challenge at times! Because your roommate might be trying to finish their essay at their desk while you’re trying to catch some Zzzs, a good eye mask should never leave your bedside table. Crafty? Make a super relaxing, delicious-smelling one from scratch. Slip it on and finish the look with earplugs; dreamland here you come!



String lights


The trend is strong and you know you love them so give in! Creating the perfect ambiance for chill nights with your faves, string lights will cast a warm glow around your room. Keep them on throughout the night if you’re a little freaked out in the dark in a new environment, or turn them on when the mood strikes (which will probably be pretty much all the time).



A cute hamper


To preserve the most of your dorm room space, make sure your floor isn’t covered in clothes! You’ll want to make a good impression on anyone checking out your new digs anyway, not have them wonder what kind of tornado stormed through your space! Choose a hamper to throw all of your laundry in as soon as you change into your PJs and help future you by making your trip to the laundromat that much easier!



All packed and ready to go? We’re so excited for your new adventure!

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