How to be Crowned the Best Parent Ever

Give your kids’ bedrooms a quick makeover with $20 or less accessories!

They grow up so fast, don’t they? If you’re a parent, you know this to be true: kids getting older means kids changing their style – and fast! So how do you give them exactly what they want without losing your mind when they’re onto the next big thing? By selecting affordable accessories (we’re talking $20 or less!) to pepper into their existing decor.

To make this easy for you, we’ve compiled our 3 favourite kids’ room looks to reflect their style, no matter what kind of awesome person they’re growing up to be.


Look 1: Kitschy, for the trendiest kids

Wall art, $14.99; Hook, $6.99; Hook, $6.99; Pouch, $9.99; Mirror, $12.99; Flag (available soon); Plaque, $9.99; Tote (available soon); Pillow, $19.99; Chair, $249.99; Flamingo light, $19.99; Rug, $29.99; String lights, $19.99; Mason jar, $12.99; Box, $12.99; Decorative word, $19.99; Wall art (available soon); Pineapple light, $19.99; Box, $19.99; Decorative word, $19.99; Pillow, $19.99; Flamingo pillow, $19.99; Pineapple pillow, $19.99; Bookshelf, $229.99


We’re interrupting this broadcast to bring you a… trend alert! Pineapples and flamingos are officially the hottest thing this summer. Bright yellow and neon pink play delightfully with one of our all-time favourites, turquoise, to give off a vibe that is young and playful, but that can be grown into. A neutral decor will help when incorporating this vibrant colour palette  – although if you already happen to have hot pink walls – they will work as well!

First thing to incorporate? Cute throw pillows! In literal flamingo and pineapple form, or featuring a stylish motif (it’s so pretty, you might want to steal this one for the living room sofa), they’ll add colour to the focal point of the room – the bed. If their walls aren’t already covered with boy band posters (it’s an art, we speak from experience), they might want to switch their wall decor for motto-worthy typography, a sweet mirror or a fun plaque.

Are they in need of storage solutions? We’ve ever met a child who wasn’t! Become their own personal Mary Poppins and make clean up time the funnest it can be with adorable hooks and a convenient hamper.

Finish the look by adorning their bookshelf with all sorts of easy to switch out decorative items. They’ll love the mood lighting of string lights and LED lights (available in flamingo and pineapple form) and will be happy to stash all of their treasures in a cute decorative box or to put their jewelry on an elegant catchall plate.


Look 2: Key West, for the brooding artists

London duvet cover set, $79.99; Pillow, $24.99; Pillow, $19.99; Wall decor (available soon); Wall decor, $29.99; Hooks, $19.99; Decorative word, $19.99; Lamp, $49.99; Table, $39.99; Pillow, $19.99; Chair, $99.99; Throw, $29.99; Rug, $179.99


Who said a kids’ room had to be filled to the brim with bright colours? Not us! Sophisticated hues such as charcoal and cement gray are timeless, understated and perfect for your brooding artist. A pop of colour, like unisex turquoise, will complete the colour palette and ensure it’s incredibly easy to grow into.

Decorative pillows are the key to reviving their domain, even convincing them to make their bed. An inspirational photo transfer pillow or a lumbar surfboard cushion (back support will help improve their posture!) are surefire ways to add a little newness. Finish the look with decorative words, resembling concrete, mixing wood and rope or topping handy hooks. Insanely cool.


Look 3: Surfing Time, for the total beach lover

String lights, $24.99; Wall decor, $19.99; Wall decor, $24.99; Pillow, $24.99; Pillow, $19.99; Pillow, $29.99; Pillow, $24.99; Throw, $39.99; Money bank, $7.99; Small crate, $19.99; Large crate, $24.99; Mirror (available soon); Money bank, $7.99; Wall decor, $19.99; Decorative word, $19.99; Pot (available soon); Rug, $99.99; Chair, $99.99


Life is better at the beach, right? If you’re living with a little bit of a beach bum, try refreshing their room with colours you might witness on an early morning surf-capade: pinks, from light to hot, recalling gorgeous sunrises, and turquoise, as bright as the ocean on the clearest day.

Funky wall art, guiding visitors to the ocean, or simply stating one’s love for the sunny season, will play a big part in setting the right ambiance. Decorate the bed with amusing throw pillows in a range of shades and have them saving for a big trip (to the beach, maybe?) with a pretty money bank they’ll love adding to. Complete the look by fueling their passion for a new hobby with a decorative word and by selecting darling wooden crates that’ll give a home to odds and ends.



Which looks embody your kids’ personalities best? Show us their affordable room makeovers by using #bouclair on Instagram!

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