House Tour: Audrey-Anne J


The influencer welcomes us in her new home!


Familiar with Audrey-Anne J?


The fashion and beauty influencer, known as @audreyannej on Instagram, gives us such great lifestyle ideas every day!

Originally from the province of Quebec, but now residing in Prince Edward Island, she just finished the construction of a house, alongside her boyfriend, and has partnered with Bouclair to put the finishing touches on her space.

I sat down with her to hear all about this awesome project, and to get her design tips!


Tell us about the journey to this new home! Was this all new to you?

It wasn’t in my immediate plans! When I met my boyfriend, he was already in the process of building his home. Our relationship was so great, he asked me to participate in the project, and I said yes! Once the plans were finished, he started on the construction and did the majority of the work with his dad. I then chose the finishings and the decor. He got the boring part and I got the fun one!


What has this experience taught you?

Sometimes, the most beautiful things aren’t the most practical. Our entire design was based on a cathedral ceiling, but we unfortunately couldn’t make it happen given the look we wanted from the outside.


Have you compromised on other things during the design?

I was hoping to have hardwood floors throughout the house. I had a negative perception of laminate flooring. But for practical reasons, our puppy being one of them, we realized that laminate was a better option for us. It also saved us a lot of money!



Do you have more design tips for people with young dogs?

Wait before putting carpet down. If you really want rugs right away, opt for darker colours – little accidents are bound to happen!


In your design, did you want to incorporate more trendy things or stick with timeless styles?

Houses sell really well here so we thought about resale when decorating ours. I love bold patterns and bright colours, but we settled on a simple style that would appeal to the majority of people. We did choose larger lighting fixtures though. They dress up the space really nicely and give it a little oomph.



How did you choose your furniture?

I really wanted unisex furniture that would appeal to both my boyfriend and I. That’s why I decided to incorporate black and metal into our space. And I just fell in love with the kitchen table! I also knew that my boyfriend would have probably picked it out on his own as well.


Do you have a favourite item from your Bouclair shopping trip?

The poplar wood side table! Its colour and style make me think of the driftwood you find on the beaches here. I thought it was a nice reference to the Maritimes!



What brought you to Prince Edward Island?

At the age of 20, I came for what was supposed to be a 4-month stay in order to learn English, but I totally fell in love with the place, the people, the beach, and the lifestyle. I’ve been here for 5 years now!


Why did you paint the walls white?

We had first decided on pale finishes for the floors, the kitchen cupboards and the fireplace, and really didn’t think we would paint the walls white. We had actually set our sights on pale grey, but when testing it on the walls, we realized that all of the greys seemed blue or purple, so we went back to my first idea, which was a white space.


How did you select the right white?

I think we tried 10 shades of white in every single room at all hours of the day. It really is a challenge to select the right hue that can go everywhere!


What’s the design tip everyone should hear?

Live in the space before making decisions. We’re often so excited and in such a hurry to decorate a space just how we like it, but thinking it through is worth it!



What do you think of Audrey-Anne’s space?

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