Home Trends Alert – 2021

As we embark on a new year, chances are we’re still going to be spending quite a bit of time at home, so we might as well create the most comfortable and pleasant setting as possible. And in terms of home decor, there are tons of ideas to look forward to. There’s something for every taste, every budget and every room. There are no limits to how beautifully you can arrange or rearrange your entire home, room or even a particular space.

Nomad Way

Nomad Way

Natural Elements

It’s back to the basics with natural elements – bringing a lot of peace that soothes the soul. Inject your space with the best of what nature has to offer, starting with raw materials, such as wood, wicker (keep reading to find out more about this trend-favourite) and flowers. In terms of colours, neutral hues provide a sense of calm and are easily combinable with a broad palette of warm and cold tones. We’re especially fond of texture this year; it brings life to simple decor and is just a treat for the eyes. Trade heavy drapes for lighter ones (cotton and sheer fabrics are quite popular) and let natural light penetrate to provide a sense of airiness.


Tropical Retreat

Tropical Chic

For those who love to escape during the long winter months, boy, is this for you. Create your little paradise at the heart of your home and relax! Palm trees are in to add fresh and bold elegance to any room. A few of the easiest ways to add a touch of island-chic to your nook involves adding tropical wall art, a large potted plant, bright pillows and throws, rattan furniture, and little palm tree-inspired home accents. Bare windows provide a sense of open space, allowing the sun to act as the leading light. Modern tropical design is refined and often includes delicate gold accents, matte metal details, and a nod to art deco.



The subdued, clean, calm and minimalist blending of Japanese and Scandinavian designs is booming. Both styles have so much in common; they’re uncomplicated and functional, emphasizing natural materials, textures and artisanship. There is an authentic appreciation for things that are made by hand, where imperfection becomes the standard for beauty. The artisan feel is present in furnishing, wall art, and home accents to maximize visual appeal in a sparse setting. Japandi’s aesthetic celebrates raw beauty and comfort as a way to provide a refuge from the hecticness of modern life.

Comforting Blues

Blue is so comforting because it is one of nature’s primary colours; it’s the pale blue of the daytime sky and the rich navy blue of the ocean. Powder blue oozes feelings of calm and serenity, which is why it’s such a dominant colour in home decor. It’s incredibly soothing in a laid-back design, where modern pieces harmonized with rustic accents give off a beachy vibe. Different blue accents mixed with a beige backdrop and furnishing are timeless and chic. It’s no surprise that wood and organic elements are the perfect complements to this style.



Rattan & Cane

Rattan is making a huge comeback this year! Yes, it’s been around for a very long time; we’ve all seen our fair share of it on Golden Girls in the 80s and 90s. Today’s rattan designs are modern and refined, unlike the bulky rattan from back then (which is still awesome). Rattan and cane are natural fibers, thus bring an organic feel to a room. These fibers’ natural colours emanate warmth and timeless elegance, whereas the black version is colder in appearance; it is sleek and minimalist compared to its predecessor and is quite sophisticated. Prepare to see this trend everywhere and we’re happy that it is!


Safari Lodge

2021 is filled with jaw-dropping home decor ideas and inspiration. Natural and organic elements are very present in both traditional and modern interior designs. Texture, neutrals, soft tones and rustic elements are predominant. Simplicity truly is the ultimate sophistication this year.

Author: Agata Babczuk
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