Get a brag-worthy bathroom without renovation

You might be harbouring a grandiose plan to fully renovate your bathroom at some point in the future. Change the floor tile, install a bidet, get a rain shower head, the works. If you’re holding out until the stars align and it’s the absolute perfect time to execute your plan, we’ve got great news: You can enjoy the most frequently used room in your home, today, without a renovation.

The secret is attention to detail.

Sure, a bathroom decor project may not top your list of exciting home styling projects, like a nursery or a dining room might. Bathrooms aren’t always large, they are often hidden from guests, and the major furniture they contain is more about functionality than aesthetics. Regardless, it’s our mission to get you excited for a bathroom revamp that’ll make you feel rejuvenated whenever you happen to be inside: first thing in the morning, last thing in the evening, and for countless quick breaks throughout the day.

Plus, just imagine how good it’ll feel to see a project through from start to finish, without seeing, hearing or uttering the word ‘sledgehammer’. Sounds nice, doesn’t it?  

Find your anchor(s)

Looking at your existing bathroom, you may actually discover you like a lot of what it has to offer. Perhaps the large mirror you currently have is exceptionally flattering, and offers storage. Or maybe the light from the window is perfectly angled for doing your make up in the mornings. Notice the things that work, so you don’t accidentally sabotage them.

This doesn’t just go for the positives. Sometimes, a design element is so complex to replace that it requires a full-on renovation. For instance, switching from a bath to a rain shower, or from a single to a double vanity. If a remodel isn’t in the cards (or the budget) for the time being, don’t despair – work around the anchors and you might just find it all works out anyway.

Get naked

It’s time to strip! No, it’s not shower time; we meant strip away those existing decor elements holding you back from having your dream bathroom. Go on, you know you’ve got a pet peeve (or five) in that room: Is it the wallpaper? Is it the drapes? Is it the vanity? Whatever needs to change, now’s your chance to start from atom, and get it right.

Don’t forget to consider that a decor element you may be looking to change may not need to be stripped away at all. If you’re unhappy with the minimalism and sparsity of your existing bathroom, feel free to move on and express your taste with wall art or a statement making bath mat no one will be able to ignore.

The S word

Now that you’ve got more or less a blank canvas to work with, it’s time to start adding, according to priorities. Unless you have a lavish, enormous bathroom (ha!), priority number one will usually be storage.

There’s no need to fear the ‘s’ word – nowadays, it couldn’t be easier to add more storage in sneaky-yet-gorgeous ways. To maximize hanging space for towels and robes, install practical and chic hooks on the back of the door. To store essentials like toilet paper and face towels, invest in minimalistic hampers that easily fold away when they’re not in use. Finally, to preserve your impressive (and fancy) skin care collection, safely store it off your counter in a decorative box with various compartments to ensure nothing spills, breaks or gets lost.

Zoom in on the details

If you’re running a 10K, it makes no sense to quit after 9K and pat yourself on the back for a job sort-of well done. Finish what you started with the perfect details to round out your masterpiece and make it truly unique to you.

Luckily, some of the biggest impacts you can make in a bathroom are with relatively inexpensive details: Place fluffy, textured towels on sleek rods close to the shower. Make sure your favorite bath robe is within arm’s reach for spa. To break up a monochrome colour scheme, add high-impact knobs to your vanity, and place visually interesting dishes to corral bits and bobs like hair ties and jewelry. Finally, light a fresh scented candle that reminds you of your favorite spa.

With just a little bit of TLC, your bathroom can become your new secret favorite room in your home. Don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone – it’s all yours.

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