Fresh Gift Ideas for Your Fave Superhero This Father’s Day

Because finding the perfect gift apparently never gets easier.

Whoomp, there it is!

June means Father’s Day has come back around, bringing with it the eternal question: what do you get your own personal superhero, the man who has been there for you through and through?

Forget about cutting-edge gadgets and think about the things he would never get for himself. Does he have a space where he likes to watch the game, read, do puzzles or play guitar? What does it look like? Make dad’s life better by using your good taste and love of home decor to take his “man cave” to the next level. He’ll love hanging out in a revamped room and, bonus, he will think of you whenever he sits down to his favourite pastime.

Time to find what’s going to put a smile on his face! Does he need to get cozy with a throw? Maybe his bookshelf is in dire need of some love – how about offering to reorganize it and updating it with a unique decorative item while you’re at it? Could his personal bathroom use a new set of counter accessories? Are his walls just begging for a little art?

Whatever it is that he’ll love, you’ll probably find it in our gift guide for dad.


What will you choose? Share his room update with us by using #bouclair on Instagram!


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