Exclusive Preview of Bouclair x Cynthia Dulude

The popular influencer and new homeowner will soon be launching her Scandinavian-inspired collection with Bouclair!




Cynthia Dulude is Quebec’s favourite beauty influencer, with over 600 000 subscribers on her YouTube channel. She sat down with us to talk about her new collection of sleek decor accessories, Bouclair x Cynthia Dulude, available online as well as in select Quebec stores October 17th!



What was your inspiration behind the collection?

Pinterest and Instagram really helped and inspired me in decorating my own home. With hashtags and keywords, you can just type in something like Scandinavian home and immediately find a bunch of ideas. That’s how I learned to decorate my house. In the collection itself, we find green, light wood, black and white, all often found in the Scandinavian style.


Do you see similarities between makeup and decor?

Absolutely! With makeup, we play with colours, textures, shadows and highlights and that’s something you also do when decorating. There are fundamental rules of aesthetics that apply to both. At the base of decor, you find colours. You should know warm colours versus cool colours, how to combine them and how many colours you can add to one room. It’s the same thing with makeup. There’s a limit of colours you can put on someone’s face for everything to be harmonious.


Do you have a particular connection with one of the items in your collection?

There’s a frame featuring a super simple black and white outline of a woman’s silhouette. It’s weird to admit, but I’m the girl in the artwork! That’s a photo I took. I sent it to my sister, who’s a graphic designer, and we managed to take out most of the image and just keep the contour. We then reworked some of the lines. It kind of looks like a dancer, but it’s me! It’s really funny to say, but my followers might’ve not recognized me otherwise!



Why the Scandinavian look?

It’s sleek, minimalist and there’s something zen and calming about it. Minimalism as a way of life is a trend that’s really growing and it goes hand in hand with this style. I love when my space is decluttered. When there are less things in your home, it also makes cleanup that much easier. I’m embracing that way of life more and more nowadays because I’m so busy.


I also love the Scandinavian style because it’s not gender-specific. When I told my boyfriend that I would maybe like to decorate the house in that style, he didn’t mind at all, it’s totally unisex! I love that there’s an abundance of white, it’s super bright. White, and other neutral colours, are sleek, calming, unisex and timeless.


You talk about a more minimalist way of life, do you have tips for someone looking to live a simpler life?

Marie Kondo’s book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing, is incredibly popular. Her method consists in taking an object in your hands and asking yourself if it still brings you joy. It can be a great way to see if an object has fulfilled its mission in your life. I find it’s easier to start with clothes. By hanging all of your hangers backward, you’ll notice what clothes you actually wear since you’ll place them back forward. If hangers remain backward after 6 months, then you’ll clearly see that you don’t wear those clothes and you’ll be able to donate them more easily.  


Where will the items in your collection go in your home?

I’ll put pillows in my bedroom, I’ll take this opportunity to change the decor in there a little. The one featuring the plant will be beautiful in my living room. The cushion with the watercolour print was inspired by one I already have here, which I DIYed, so I’ll officially replace it with the real one! I have some ideas for the frames as well – the one with the silhouette would be nice in my office, next to my computer. I had done a test with the first draft of the eucalyptus wall art in my hallway and it looked awesome. I don’t have anything in the hallway yet so I think that’s where it’ll go!


Who are your favourite designers and decor bloggers other than Bouclair 😉 ?

I follow a bunch on Instagram and most of them also have blogs. The White Farmhouse Blog – every time she posts a photo, I lose my mind! She has an old farmhouse decorated in a mix of rustic / Scandinavian style. Her space always looks soothing and harmonious. I also really like Emily Henderson, a fairly well-known designer, who has a blog too. She gives really good advice for beginners and her blog is regularly updated. François et moi also puts beautiful Scandinavian-style decor photos almost every day on Instagram.



What’s the decor advice everyone needs to hear?

Just like with makeup, it’s so hard to give just one! It’s really important to learn what colours go together. An easy technique: start with a neutral. With white on the walls, you’ll never go wrong! We always hear that it’s the favourite colour of designers everywhere, but it really does go with every style. It’s so much easier to change your accessories than to change everything! You can also get sick of brighter colours faster. Neutrals are a safe choice when you’re starting to decorate.


What’s next for Cynthia Dulude?

The second volume of Édition Papier, the first influencer magazine in Quebec! I work on it with Marina Bastarache and Priscilla Ventura, but this edition will also feature a bunch of other collaborators. Bouclair and the magazine are my 2 big projects this fall. I will also continue updating my blog, shooting my tutorial videos as well as my vlogs, and I have lots of small projects on the side!


Looking forward to the launch of Cynthia’s collection?

If you’re in Quebec, come shop it in person and meet Cynthia at the same time:

RSVP to one of her 4 store appearances here!

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