Easter Entertaining – The Perfect Occasion for a Spring Revival

Hop to it!



Every year, it’s the same story: once you finally figure out when Easter falls, a feeling of panic takes over.


What’s on the menu? How do I decorate while avoiding the tacky bunny accessories that have invaded the store aisles since the day after Valentine’s Day? Whether you’re planning an Easter brunch with the fam, a dinner with friends or just want to use the long weekend as an opportunity to update your space, we’ve got you covered with fresh entertaining and decorating ideas.


Set the table

Thank goodness, spring is finally here! To celebrate the new season, your first table decor move should be flowers and greenery. Whether real or artificial, they’ll add the freshness your table is craving. Place them in white or neutral vases and watch them instantly change the feel of your dining room.

To set the mood, especially when dining in the evening, ignite candles placed in candle holders made of more organic materials like glass and macramé

This year, we’re saying no to placemats and going with a farmhouse-inspired table runner or a checkered tablecloth instead. For all other dinnerware and table linens, opt for neutral hues, which are always so sophisticated!



Update the Table

Want to make a big impression? Pick out a new table and let your guests know they are the first people using it! A dining table with a surface presenting a gorgeous grain inspired by nature, but contrasted with matte black metal legs, is a fresh, contemporary choice that won’t go out of style anytime soon. While you’re at it, update the chairs with industrial meets rustic picks that will look cool year-round.


Add Pops of Pastel

The rest of your home should get spring-ified as well, no? The key to incorporating season-specific colours is to choose accents that are easy to interchange, since you might want to switch to brighter hues in the summer, to warmer tones in the fall and to deeper shades in the winter. How to make sure the transition is easy as pie? Your accent items should take up limited storage space and the switch should be a one person job (that means no touching furniture, just what’s on it).

Start by changing the decorative pillows on your sofa, you’ll experience a feeling of renewal right a way. Worried about saving space in storage? Choose removable cushion covers; you’ll be able to simply take them off the inserts and replace with them next season’s. Throw them in the washing machine before storing them – they’ll be nice and clean when you need them again.



Next, give your bed a little pastel lovin’. A duvet cover is the ultimate seasonal superstar since your bed is likely the focal point of your bedroom. Give it a new personality by switching its cover as often as you’d like. Want to get as many duvet covers as possible, but short on space? Keep them in vacuum storage bags, that will easily fit under the bed.



How often do you switch up your curtains? Most people install them and don’t touch them again until they decide to change a room’s paint colour or feel like their draperies are out of style. They are, however, one of the easiest things to change in your decor. Keep the same rod year-round, but update colours, weights, opacity and patterns throughout the year for a brand new look. How fun would sheer floral curtains be for spring?



Another great way to add vitamin D to your space? Switch up your wall art! The most important thing to remember when doing this is to be consistent with sizes, especially when dealing with limited space or complex arrangements. Measure what you have on the wall and hunt for pieces with roughly the same dimensions. You’ll finally be able to indulge in thematic pieces without having them look out of place at the wrong time of year!



With all of these easy switch-ups, plus the sweet DIY projects you’re bound to make with the kids, you’re sure to get a spring in your step once your “new” space comes together – your guests won’t believe how quick the transformation was!


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