Discover Your Holiday Decor Style!

Warning: this post is merry and bright.




Ok, there’s less than a month left, can I say it? CHRISTMAS IS JUST AROUND THE CORNER!!!!!

(No, you’re excited.)


There is just so much joy to be injected into our homes at this time of year. Have you started decorating yet? The lights, the tree, the cozy accents – it’s all so wonderful, but it can all be so overwhelming.

Since Christmastime was pretty much built around “Ooooh”s and “Aaaaah”s, creating a holiday space that feels cohesive, that avoids the clichés and that still packs a punch can be quite the challenge. So where do you start?


With a colour palette


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – every great design uses the 60, 30, 10 rule. What that means is that a main colour takes up 60% of your visual space, while a complementary one takes up 30. Then, you finish off the look with an accent hue, taking up – you guessed it – 10% of the visual space.


This year’s star colour palettes are festive, but have a definite sophistication to them. To start your cohesive holiday decorating with a bang, select one of the 4 colour combinations below. To make it even easier on yourself, click on your favourite one to shop all of the holiday items falling under it!


Blues / Greys / White

Greys / Green / Taupe

Reds / Greys / White

White / Grey – Silver / Gold – Champagne


Got it? Now let’s use it!


The tree



All the rage this year? White trees! Whether it’s an artificial tree with a snowy look, a real tree covered in fake snow (available at craft stores) or a super glam feathery tree, it’s sure to stand tall and proud while wowing all of your friends and family.


Love bold ornaments? While still respecting your chosen colour palette, select decorations that pop against the white tree branches. Complete this tree look with white lights for an enchanting effect.



Into a more ethereal vibe? Select white or see-through glass ornaments for a barely-there look that still holds a lot of visual impact. Complete this look with fauna-inspired tree decorations, in the shape of animals, as well as white lights. They’ll delight everyone, young or old!



If a green Christmas tree is still what your heart aches for (and no harm in that – it’s also my personal pick this year), may I suggest going super rustic with it? Select ornaments celebrating natural materials, such as wood and evergreen branches, in shapes that are never going out of style like circles, ovals, snowflakes and stars. Finish off this look with twinkle-like white lights. A tip here: don’t overcrowd your tree. It should be the star of the show.


The tree skirt

We cannot get enough of faux fur tree skirts this year!

In your favourite hue, it’s sure to be the perfect spot to pile on everyone’s most wished-for presents! Bonus: your pet will probably think it’s just about the coziest spot ever. Cue the Instagram photoshoot!


Our faux fur tree skirt in a mix of brown, grey and white.


Our faux fur tree skirt in a soft grey hue.


The Dining Room


My crystal ball tells me you’ll be entertaining in the next month or so…


Was I right? Should I abandon my writing career and go into fortune-telling full time?

All kidding aside, you’re bound to need a fully decked out dining space to welcome the ones you love most!



To set a table they’ll never forget, start by selecting a table runner, still only playing with the colour palette you selected at the top. That table runner will clearly define the space you have available for decorating, while leaving enough room for plates and cutlery. Then, simply fill the runner! I recommend candles, which are always great to set the mood, as well as some sort of natural touch like branches or pine cones, and fun decorative accents that truly define your decorating style. Keep in mind though, things on the table shouldn’t be too tall – guests need to be able to see each other!



How cool is this? Should you already have a lighting fixture suitable for hanging decorations, or if you’re willing to hang a piece of wood from the ceiling (be careful and use the tips here), go full Pinterest glam by recreating this stunning display. Who knew ornaments could do so much more than simply hang on trees?



Found your style and your inspiration? Shop all of our holiday items and don’t forget to share your magical holiday decors with us by using #bouclair on Instagram!

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