Create an eclectic dining space with mix and match seating

Your dining room has you losing your appetite? Give it the refresh it needs by trying our favourite new trend: mix and match seating. Your grandma might not agree, but it is the coolest way to revive your space, while giving you total creative control. No compromises have to be made here, if you love it, it’s in. But following a bold trend can be stressful. That’s why we compiled the easy step by step to take your dining room from a spot you only use when necessary to the kind of place guests will want to hang all night.

Choose your table: Choosing the right table is like choosing a mattress; you’ll have to make sure you love it for years to come. A natural wood table, in a timeless shape and without too many bells and whistles, will not only go with all of your decorating ideas, it is also total heirloom material. This trend relies on finding the right table, one that will be able to take it all.

Pick your chairs: The only rule here: make sure seat heights are consistent. In order for every guest to sit at the table comfortably, there should be a space of 12 inches or so between the seat of any chair you choose and the tabletop. Beyond that, let your heart decide. Want to include a rustic take on a industrial favourite? A vintage-inspired pick? Or maybe you’re feeling a upholstered high back or modern faux leather? Whatever you like, go for it; your simple yet elegant table can take it all. You’ll even be able to change your mind whenever you please by switching out one or more chair, creating big change with little investment.

Add a bench: Benches truly are the most versatile piece of seating you could place around a dining table; just make sure it is the right height. Many benches and ottomans are designed as handy spots to have a quick seat, rest your feet, put your shoes on or drop off groceries, making them usually quite low. A true dining bench will make sure your guests are not eating under the table. This solid elm wood and metal one is our absolute favourite: its rustic meets industrial personality will add eclectic flair to any dining space, while being streamlined enough to not clash with your other mismatched pieces. Wipeable, it’ll be the perfect spot to sit a couple of kids; they’ll love the novelty of it. If you’re tight on space, a bench without a back can also completely tuck under the table when not in use.

Armchairs? Yet again, this one is up to you. Depending on your style, you may find you need armchairs to ground the eclectic dining room you’re creating. If that’s the case, go with matching armchairs like this one in tufted faux leather. There is nothing wrong with exploring your more out of the box style while still remaining a modernist at the core. Depending on what you fell in love with along the way, you may decide to use regular dining chairs as seats of honour or to skip them altogether.

Happy with your space? Now sit back, relax, and let the compliments (and the wine) flow.

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