Chic Halloween Decor You’ll Love Even After October

Forget the clichés, you’re going for spooky-sophisticated this Halloween.



Your neighbours are outfitting their lawns with plastic tombstones, fake limbs and caution tape, aren’t they?


Meanwhile, you’re browsing magazines for cute Halloween-themed recipes and fun crafts to do with the kids, but you can’t find how to embrace All Hallow’s Eve without feeling like your home has been swallowed by decorations that are either too childish or too gory?

That’s why I’ve put together a list of accents that will definitely look the part during Halloween season, but that will also keep anchoring your decor for months and months to come. So go on boo-tiful, indulge – life is gourd!


Orange curtains

How fun are these curtains? Yes, they might feel like they’re a bit out there at first, but if you’re working with a monochromatic room in need of a little punch of colour, like the one above, they’re such a great option! Opt for a sun-kissed orange, matching the leaves and the pumpkins in the fall, but also reminding you of exotic destinations throughout the winter, instead of a too on-the-nose super bright hue. Put a twist on the classic orange and black Halloween combo by pairing it with depth-filled charcoals instead. Speaking of witch


Put your spin on the classic black and orange colour combo

Give the illusion of the Halloween colours by placing an orangey-red piece next to a black one. Because there’s nothing easier than moving your accessories around for creating a whole new vibe in your space, you’ll be able to mix and match your favourite accents to create new displays once the spooky season ends. No putting stuff in a box in the shed this season! That’s a win/win for you: less work and more style!


Pillar candles on holders

The ultimate gothic glam accessories, pillar candles are a great way to set the mood at home. Stay away from the haunted castle vibe by keeping them looking neat – no dripping allowed! Set on architectural white or black holders, they’ll add elegance to any space, spread out around the room or in a unique little vignette. They’ll also keep a smile on your face throughout the winter because, Halloween or not, what’s better than relaxing in soft candlelight?


Mysterious trees

Nature is always in. And trees have a certain way about them – they signify life, healing and protection, but they also the ability to be a little eerie at times. Get lost in the mystifying outline of a solitary tree or in the mystical beauty of a quiet forest in the fog on the daily with the help of stylish wall art. You’ll be glad you have all of that nature inside once winter officially takes a hold of the weather!


All black everything

Black is having a HUGE moment and I’m not just talking this month! One of the biggest trends of the year, black is currently everywhere: on our walls, our furniture, our decorative objects, our wall art,… Need I go on?


Feeling brave? Transform an entire wall into a chalkboard using chalkboard paint. I’ve recently done this myself in my kitchen and am so happy with the results! Go extra bold by also painting your trim black like in the photo above – it’ll make your ceiling look taller – or, if you love a good contrast, do what I did and keep your trims bright white. Writing on the wall itself is a feeling you’ll initially have to get used to because it’s always been so forbidden, but it’s so much fun! Halloween is also a great time to doodle fun images of witches, ghosts and pumpkins in white or coloured chalk. Then, on November 1st, simply work your eraser a little – it’ll be as if they were never there!


Don’t want to fully commit to the black trend yet? Select furniture marrying powder-coated black metal bases with super cool blackened wood surfaces or upholstered seats. The look is modern and timeless, but with a little bit of an edge. Fangtastic!



Who knew Halloween decor could be so stylish?

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