Bring the Urban Jungle to your Home

The boho look has come a long way since first hitting our design radar. While the feeling behind it is still well-travelled and rich in history, the new boho is more tropical, more laid-back and is definitely glammed up. Want to try it on for size? Natural materials like wood, wicker and greenery, paired with whites, powder-coated metals and faux fur, make up the perfect combo for a space that feels warm and inviting, while always being Pinterest-ready.

Here are our favourite add-ons to help you infuse a little sunshine in your space. The best thing about them? They’re super versatile and we have no doubt there’s space for them in your home (and in your heart).

A modern wicker chair: A statement chair is always a good idea, plus wicker is a natural material that has made a total comeback. Place it in the bedroom as a cool new spot to read (or just as a spot to dump your clothes, you’re human after all – might as well do it in style), in the living room as a side chair, in the den, in the basement or anywhere in between. It will provide extra seating when you need it and can easily change location when you rearrange the furniture at 1am.

A unique side table: The beauty of side tables is that they do just that: they stand by your side. You might need a nightstand or 2, or maybe you’re looking for a new place to put your wine down when you’re yelling at the TV while watching The Bachelor. A side table made from a natural material like wood is not only timeless, it lends itself to any decor style, anywhere.

A knitted ottoman: An ottoman is just for resting your feet, right? WRONG. It’s an extra seat, a side table, a coffee table when paired up, a spot in the bedroom to sit while you put your socks on and, sure, you might want to use it to put your feet up, but that’s just an added bonus. Adding texture is imperial to embracing this style and this handy little piece will do just that and so much more.

Faux fur cushions: Repeat after me: I. LOVE. FAUX. FUR. Of course you do! Soft, plush and all kinds of decadent, today’s luxe faux fur seems to be perfumed with exotic travels and whimsy. For the bedroom, the living room or the basement, pick up some faux fur deco pillows and add a little wilderness to your living space.

Greenery: There’s no jungle without greenery, but putting all of your energy into caring for plants and watching them wilt away as soon as the cold front comes in? That’s no fun at all. Delicately crafted fake greenery that looks just like the real thing solves that problem. You’ll appear to have the greenest thumb on the block! Need help creating your indoor garden? We can help!

Hear the toucans singing yet?

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