8 discreet storage solutions that won’t crowd your home

Do you know anyone who’s moving, planning to move, or constantly complaining that they have to move? Now, think back on your conversations. Why do they feel so strongly about moving? More often than not, the answer will be a desperate need for more storage.

If you’re in a similar mind frame, put down the real estate section for a minute and hear us out. There is a way for you to have your cake, and eat it too! The ‘cake’ being all your stuff, and ‘eating it’ referring to efficiently storing said stuff where it doesn’t overwhelm and annoy you. Tall order.

Let’s take a look at 10 discreet storage solutions you can implement in your home starting today, for a home that feels light, but keeps everything exactly where you need it.

  1.     Decorative hampers and crates: Rustic decor has been having a ‘moment’ for at least a decade, and it doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere. Leverage the trend to your advantage by using style elements like colorful hampers, cozy baskets and industrial concrete crates to storage everything from quilts and throws in your living room, to socks in your closet and umbrellas in your foyer.
  2.     Cabinet and drawer dividers: Fit twice as much as you normally would in a cabinet or a drawer by using dividers and no-drill shelves. This way, you can fit the new mug set you got for Christmas right on top of your long-trusted set, not to mention, finally have room for all those pot lids.
  3. Storage packing furniture: Furniture is an excellent and unexpected place to store items, without compromising on space or style. Some of the easiest pieces to introduce storage in your furniture are coffee tables that double as benches, ottomans and even sofas. If you don’t want to replace any of your existing furniture, get creative by finding space underneath your bed, above your closet rods or even in your balcony furniture.
  4.     Get hooked: Fact – the backs of doors were made to offer storage. If you’re not using the back of your front door or bedroom door to hang coats, scarves and handbags, you’re unnecessarily complicating your life. Don’t stop there – install hooks, rods and art-like hangers on the back of your kitchen door to hang pans and cookware, and the back of your bathroom door to keep towels and bathrobes off the floor and right where you need them.
  5.     Defy gravity: In the kitchen and bathroom, utilize the bottom of shelves to store products such as spices and face creams. This is done by simply taping a magnetic strip on the bottom side of the shelf, then gluing a simple magnet to the tops of the containers you want to store. Whenever needed, simply reach for them and return them to their ingenious spot. Easy peasy.
  6.     Keep it where you need it: You’d be surprised how much confusion is caused by keeping items anywhere that is not the location of their intended use. For example, instead of wasting space under your sink to store trash bags, keep the roll exactly where you’ll need it – at the bottom of the trash bin. When taking the trash out, simply remove the old bag and place a new bag on top of the roll.
  7.     Keep the junk in your trunk: If you often perform activities that require the use of the same equipment, consider just leaving that equipment in your car’s trunk. This means your snowboard, tennis racket, golf clubs and yoga mat don’t really ever need to see the inside of your home. There, you just saved space, and you saved yourself the trouble of schlepping gear to and from your car.
  8.     Secretly store your clothes: Putting away your summer clothes every year is not only a hassle, it’s a serious space guzzler. To make the most out of this yearly chore and keep it from overwhelming your closet, get a little creative. You can use the clothes to fill a decorative ottoman, which keeps everything secure and protects the environment from other potentially harmful filling materials. Once summer rolls back around, you might have to do a bit of ironing – a small price to pay for months of convenient storage.

Even if you implement only half of these tips, you’re looking at freeing up some serious space in your home. Soak it in: Feels nice, doesn’t it? Take your time before rushing to fill up all that free space with more things, or you’ll find yourself right back in front of the real estate section.

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