10 Things You Might Have Forgotten Ahead of Your Move

A stress-busting list

because you already have enough to worry about




Hey, congratulations! We hear you’ve found an amazing new place to move into.


Once the paperwork is done and the moving truck is booked, it’s time for one of the hardest tasks ever known to man: packing all of your belongings. The idea alone brings a sense of panic so it’s no wonder people always forget some crucial things when moving!

To reduce your stress as much as possible, we’ve compiled the 10 things people forget most often when moving to a new home. We wish we could help with the actual move, but hmmm… we’re already busy that day…


#1 – Packing an “Open me first” box

Moving is hard work and the day is bound to be long. To be able to relax and enjoy that slice of ‘za with the kind souls who have helped you out, make sure to pack a box containing all of your essentials for your first night in your new place and to label it well. Speaking of which…


#2 – Labelling your boxes

Save yourself the headache of having to go through ALL of the boxes to find that 1 thing you desperately need. Every single box should clearly display the room it belongs in so that your things are somewhat organized as soon as they come off the truck. Feel free to also be a little bit more specific with the essentials you’ll absolutely need to unpack in your first few days there (ex. Kitchen – plates) and to note which boxes hold fragile items.


#3 – Getting new window coverings

Do you own the rods, curtains and hardware in the home you’re leaving? Did you negotiate to leave them behind and will you have window coverings in your new spot? If not, make sure to purchase new ones ahead of time. Moving means late nights unpacking and, without curtains or blinds, you’re bound to give your new neighbours a bigger glimpse into your life than you’d wish.


#4 – Purging

True story – a friend who moved across the country once unpacked a box containing all of these: a wig, a handbag, an empty dollar store gift box, a sleeping bag and a fitted sheet that didn’t belong in a set. Don’t be that person. Hold a garage sale and/or donate belongings you don’t need to a charitable organization in your neighbourhood prior to even starting packing your first box.


#5 – Checking all of the nooks and crannies

Yay, it looks like you’ve packed everything! Well, it LOOKS like it. Have you checked everywhere though? The shed? The garage? The cupboard above the fridge nobody can reach? If you’re not moving your appliances, try to at least get a look behind them for objects that may have gone missing and clean out the fridge while you’re at it.


#6 – Changing your address and forwarding your mail

Raise your hand if you’ve ever lived in a home for years, while still receiving the occasional letter for the previous tenant or owner. Before you move, monitor who sends you mail and change your address with them as you receive new communication. Make sure to also schedule mail forwarding with Canada Post, for 4 months or for an entire year.


#7 – Collecting all spare keys

Your mom has a key. Your bestie has a key. Your pet sitter has a key. Well, they won’t need them anymore! Make the gesture to give the new owner or tenant all of the key copies you’ve made over the years. Oh and grab the garage door opener from your car!


#8 – Turning on/off your utilities

Arriving in a new place most probably means roughing it for at least a few days while you figure everything out. Make sure you turn on your utilities ahead of time or schedule for the technician to come by ASAP. Most internet companies take about 2 weeks to pay you a visit to hook you up and delays can be even worse at peak times of the year – don’t get caught without that sweet Wi-Fi! Also to do: make sure you advise companies that you are moving, and at which date to stop serving you at a particular address, especially if you’re on automatic payments. You wouldn’t want to pay for double the utilities!


#9 – Getting your new place’s measurements

You love your couch and your dining table, but are you sure you can take them with you? Is your new bedroom big enough for your California King bed? Make sure to get the measurements of your future home, including doorways, before packing the truck. If your furnishings don’t fit your new space, take the opportunity to sell or to donate it and select new furniture that won’t overwhelm the rooms.


#10 – Keeping toilet paper handy during the move

Everything is packed and ready to go, but you’ll also have to go! Stop embarrassing situations before they happen and keep at least 1 roll in the bathroom during the move. People moving in will also be grateful you thought about it, especially if they haven’t packed an “open me first” box!



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